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You may want to look at the hardware that according to the FSF respects your freedom: https://ryf.fsf.org/

Download the exe and run it. If you are on linux, dowload the jar file and install java if you haven’t done so yet, and run it with java -jar path-to-jar.jar You then have to configure your browser to use a proxy: https://geti2p.net/en/about/browser-config

For messaging, I recommend Matrix.

For sailing on the high seas, I think I2P is good.

I use it often and it doesn’t really seem slow to me.

And one can also normally access DuckDuckGo’s search results through it.

Collaborative editing on Emacs across editors/IDEs?
Is there any way to use Emacs for collaborative editing, while there is at least one person who doesn't use emacs, but rather some popular IDE? It should also be possible to edit multiple files at the same time. Other solutions seem to expect all people to be using Emacs.