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  • This is really good!

    One thing that stands out to me on the reverse view - other than the Roger Rabbit tire, of course - is the shame of the roof as you move toward the front. The front view seems to suggest the slope comes down to be almost parallel with the ground, while the reverse view suggests it points up like 20 degrees. I don’t know which is ground truth for this model car, but I suspect it comes close to parallel with the ground.

    I can see where it looks like you made changes to the front height of the drivers side window. It’s possible you went a millimetre too high or so there.

    But that’s just nitpicking. Again, it’s a really great sketch.

  • People spending more time with fewer games is not a reason, in publishers’ minds, to reverse course. It’s the intended outcome.

    Having the same number of people (or near the same number) playing fewer games, and filling those games with monetization features is cheaper and easier to maintain than having a broad and growing library of titles.

    Remember, the ideal for publishers is to have one game that everyone plays that has no content outside of a “spend money” button that players hit over and over again. That’s the cheapest product they can put out, and it gives them all the money. They’re all seeking everything-for-nothing relationships with customers.

  • No. Especially if you have work experience, doing a MA or an MSc will be taken for the career pivoting skills development you sell it as.

    Don’t do a PhD, though, unless you’re specifically trying to get into a job that looks for them. That is, unless you specifically want to do the PhD for the sake of doing it. A lot of employers see it the same way a retail employer sees a BSc - a sign that you’re a flight risk.

  • You’re asking two questions here. One is about some kind of purity test, which… You gotta let that one go. The crowd isn’t here to pass judgement on you, and asking it to do so is a kind of psychological self harm.

    The other is about whether using a particular Reddit front end supports Reddit. The answer to that is an unqualified “yes”.

    The two together point to you wanting to use Reddit, but not wanting to be judged poorly for doing so, and that’s an anxiety state you don’t deserve to live in. You either believe strongly enough about not supporting Reddit for your own reasons to not use it, or you don’t. And that’s ok, because they’re your beliefs. You’re not some soldier in some holy war.

  • if abusive admins on a power trip will just arbitralily wipe my stuff “accidentially” whenever they feel like.

    You’ve jumped to a lot of conclusions here.

    You’re using a website that’s operated by volunteers, that’s seen a ton of abuse from spammers and bots, that’s run on software that’s pre-version-1 and that lacks advanced mod tools, and that likely has an admin team that’s using some hacked together third party scripts or tools to try and identify bad actors. It’s not only possible, but entirely reasonable, that one of those tools may have falsely identified you as a spam account, and someone either just ran a script that banned a bunch of people, or got into a flow state and just hit the wrong button out of habit.

    Pointing fingers and accusing others of bad behaviour out of pure speculation while you’re both stomping your feet and having a fit because you feel hurt while simultaneously telling others that the lens they’re using is “pure speculation” is… Not productive, to put it mildly.