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  • So, hell has education, the best music, strippers, drugs, all the cool people, orgies etc. Heaven has boring ignorant church people who find hetero sexuality more important then the love for their own child. So why would I want to go to heaven instead of hell? Christians aren’t presenting a strong case here. When you’re making shit up, why not create a heaven which is awesome instead? With our Holy Noodle, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, heaven consists of beer volcanoes and strippers. Hell consists of beer volcanoes and strippers too, but the beer is passed its expired date and the strippers have STD’s. This is how you promote your fictional afterlife, like it’s better then the alternative. I’d rather go to a place with hot strippers and cocain instead of a heaven full of unvaccinated babies and child molesters.

  • Thanks, that makes a lot of sense. For Mars I agree it’s not possible with the insane delay, unless AI will be able to automonously repair, something which might be possible in the future. But for the moon it would be much cheaper to remote control repairs. I’ve seen what surgeons can do with remote controlled machines for precision surgery. The delay still might be annoying but maybe that can improve by using laser instead of radio waves.

    Cars are mostly, if not completely, built by precision robots. Why not have a precision robot replace and lubricate parts on the moon?

    But first we need to find a way to mine on the moon in the first place. Regolith is extremity nasty stuff, nothing survives long with that tiny sharp dust. The people who went to the moon complained a lot about it. It gets everywhere, it sticks to every surface and shreds everything. There’s also the radiation, micro meteors and extreme temperature fluctuations.

  • Awesome argument to justify anything. Fuck logic, let’s do it because we can! Genocide? We can do it! Invade a country because Vladi tells us to? WE CAN DO IT!

    Seeing the amount of down votes, I guess some Musketeers made it to Lemmy too.

    Seriously, give me any supported argument why it would be beneficial to send humans to the moon (and Mars) instead of just robots. (other then “we want to be faster with humans on the moon then the Chinese”, I do get the second space race although it doesn’t make any scientific of economical sense.)

    Don’t get me wrong, I see the value of moon mining, mars mining, asteroid mining. I’d rather see us mining those the the fragile ocean floor. It just makes no sense to use humans with the technological expertise we have right now.

    We sent humans to the moon, because the computer used on the Apolo rockets was as fast as a Playstation 1. We didn’t have the tech to send a self landing drone.

    Now we have several self landing drones on Mars, outlasting their life expectancy way further then anyone could have dreamed of.

    We are so far with our technology, yet bringing humans to the moon brings us back to the '60’s while costing us billions more then needed, funds we could use for robots to do an even better job for us with less risks.

    Please, come with a supported counter argument, I’d love to see a different side. But anything like “because we can” just isn’t anything I can understand or support.

    The argument of “sitting in pods eating from feeding tubes” is a weak argument. We have home delivered groceries and our entire world is being automated so that’s exactly what we are focused on. If you find a way for a factory to replace 10 workers with an automated machine, they’ll tell you “shut up and take my money”.

    Again, I see the benefits of mining rare metals and ice (fuel) on the moon and other celestial bodies, just not by humans in person as it complicates everything exponentially, with a fitting price tag.

  • When we send monkeys to the moon, we will send robots first to autonomously / remotely controlled build a base. All so we can send people, who will have to wear suits costing millions of dollars each which will wear and tear extremity fast with the sharp regolith on the moon (the old moon suits could only last roughly 2 days, the new anti static suits just developed can only last a few days longer). And we want them to mine? When we can send robots to build a habitable base, we can send robots to mine. No monkeys needed. There is literally no benefit in sending humans, it only complicates everything to an extreme level, makes everything way more expensive and increases the risk factor exponentially. When we can work with rovers on Mars with an extreme time delay, we can work with the minor delay to the moon.

    Remember, a human needs a precise climate. The right type of air, water, temperature, humidity, but also food, radiation protection, dust protection, human waste management, redundancy in case of a failure, physical and mental health care, physical exercise. For transport back and forth, re-entry into our atmosphere and for survival on the moon. A robot needs a connection, radiation protection, temperature control, dust protection, only a one way trip. If it breaks, we just send a new one. No return needed, no precious climate control just to keep it alive.

    We still sometimes use humans for mining on earth because often it’s cheaper (in third world countries), while machine mining is still way more efficient. Humans for mining on the moon is much more expensive, so a dumb choice.

    We also use humans in rich countries for mining, but they are just controlling heavy machines. It’s less complicated to use humans instead of remote controlling machines deep underground. This benefits do not apply on the moon, a control relay is cheaper then a human.

    The only reason I can think of for humans on the moon would be for repairs. But remote controlled repair stations are also possible, so no humans needed for that either. Maybe less repair capabilities possible but it is still cheaper to send a new machine then to send a human.

  • You make it sound so bad. As if diving in a submarine is dangerous. I mean, we can go to the Titanic without issues, so we should be fine going to moon caves right?

    Right?.. 👀

    I don’t get what would be the benefit, really. Scientific research, sure. But do we need monkeys on sight? We can land robots and rovers. What can a monkey do what a robot can’t? Keeping anything alive in space, on the mokn or on Mars makes every operation so much more complex. It’s stupid and unnecessary. But it’s a dream of Musk, the world’s biggest scam artist. So why not spend billions of tax money on his stupid dream, making his company a shit to of money. But Trump is probably getting re-elected, so Musk isn’t the stupidest thing out there anymore.

  • The best response is exactly his response. He’s better then Trump, so he acts like a better person by not saying stupid shit like Trump does. Although I’m sad the shooter missed, political assassination is always bad, and likely will work in Trump’s favor. If Trump would have died, another even more radical replacement would have benefitted from it. There is no positive outcome from a political assassination. Trump will either get more support or become a martyr.

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    Fuck that, I’m the one in control, I decide when my music stops. When an app does this, it is removed.

    I also hate it when an app on my pc thinks it needs to be pulled up in front of the screens I’m working in. I haven’t found a way to fix this yet. When you need my attention, send me a notification instead of annexing my entire screen.

    When I open Kodi and click on another screen right after clicking it’s icon, it opens in the background so it can scan for new media while I finish what I was doing. Like it’s supposed to. I click on it whenever I want the screen to be on top.

    I hate it when something takes control over something I own. Which is why I’m leaving windows. Can’t wait for proper Linux phones. Fuck Microsoft, fuck Google. And no, not fuck Apple, sadomasochists need a place to buy their products too.

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    Either I pay for the app to have it without ads or I remove it. Both my pc and my phone are ad free. I watch YouTube without ads thanks to the grayjay app, which includes sponsor block. I removed Reddit when Boost stopped working for it. I don’t watch sports because of all the ads. I live an ad free life.

  • Ah, I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but you’re wrong. It was her plan all along to sleep on your lap, she just tricked you into thinking “you trained her” to do so. Whenever you think you are smarter than your cat, you live in the illusion they created. They are superior beings. We are just humble servents and science experiments.

  • Beer is for pussies. Nothing beats the after taste of pure blue spirits. /jk

    IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale. It was brewed with and excessive amount of hops, so the beer would survive the long trip to India without getting a bad taste (so the taste would turn good after the long trip in different climates). It turned out, some idiots (like me) like the weird taste of the pre-travel beer to India. Bitter sweet. Weissen was invented because a monk forgot a keg outside the monastery during winter which partially frozen, but tasted surprisingly good. Champagne was invented because a farmer wanted to speed up the process and tried the wine during the fermenting process instead of waiting and discovered it had bubbles.