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  • Yeah. With the “hide post” and image changes done by the new app version (thanks! 🥳🫡) the only change not in yet are the new user settings for displaying votes, I think. From the Lemmy 0.19.4 release notes:

    You can specify which of the following vote data you’d like to see (or hide): Upvotes, Downvotes, Score, Upvote Percentage, or none of the above. The default (based on user feedback) is showing the upvotes + downvotes.

    App developers will need to update their apps to support this setting.

  • Paradox Deputy CEO Mattias Lilja is announcing this just like he was the one to announce the changes to Cities Skylines 2 development.

    Apparently he was made Deputy CEO only this year, but has been with Paradox for years. I really wonder: does he get picked to announce these things because no one else wants to take responsibility? Or is he the one stepping in where the rest of the management have let things run out of control?