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    There is that trope about how porn tends to dictate technological advancement. Probably will have some sway in this whole debacle. That said, not being as big as reddit is kind of nice. The best online communities are always smaller.

  • I feel the same way. It seems crazy to me that people would wear this thing out in public. The idea of wearing it to record important moments with friends and family is a little gross to me as well. I also think the price is simply way to high. But I’m also a little further out of step with mainstream consumer culture than I once was.

    There’s definitely truth to “Apple people will buy anything Apple makes”, though this will really put that to the test at this price. I also think most of the truly unique functionality it provides will get boring over time. A lot of this stuff can be accomplished without wearing goggles.

    My biggest question is if adoption will be too slow to encourage software development. I think they’ll need to drastically lower the price to get enough people to buy it that software development makes financial sense.