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Seriously? Marvel dialogues are among the cringiest possible, they could catch random people on streets and pay them to fix it and the effect would be probably much better.

Problem here is that nobody else is cracking denuvo and she isn’t doing stellar job at it too. I remember when there was still like three groups doing it, i read many comments regarding her as the worst of them and some were really unkind. Now people naturally gravitated to worshipping their only source of cracks, and are afraid she will just stop.

Is piracy scene so small nowadays that this kind of bickering between two people is shaking it in its entirety?

There is a bug, when i’m writing a coment and get notification someone comment on one of my earlier comments, everything i’m just writing disappear for good. Lost few walls of text already to this.

Ep7 which introduced 30 year gap and basically close time loop history repeat with 4-6 was WAY worse for entire SW universe than anything that could happen in ep9.

Ep 7 of Star Wars in cinema. 8 and 9 were more or less passable, but 7 was horrible failure.

Slavery can come in many forms. Chattel slavery is one of them, wage slavery is another. I did not tried to say which one is worse, just that wage slavery is slavery, not just metaphor for shock effect like libs are often say hearing the phrase.

Thus, you are a wage slave and that term is not a metaphor.

This is me playing in World of Warcraft.

Or driving tank.

That is nearly a constant state though.

Ha. Cute, but weak. Let’s go back to the single most glaring base issue here:

Only one question. Do you agree with my last line from previous post? Oh i also missed the word “better”, so it would be:

Saying fuck off is definitely better than USA simping or nazi whitewashing.

EDIT: this is incredible, but at least one lib is of the opinion that USA simping or even nazi whitewashing is in fact better than saying “fuck you”. I especially want to notify admins and mods here, this is what liberal tone policing is and this is why no leftist site should pay any attention to it.

I think a lot of people consider lemmy.ml and lemmygrad as two sides of the same coin.

Lemmygrad is by far the most active instance, go to lemmy and filter by “all” not only there are more threads but there are more people by far. But they aren’t the same.

Could it be due to more and more instances blocking lemmygrad and lemmy.ml is basically the only place where users from the wider lemmyverse connect with users from lemmygrad?

Yes, although i can’t certify for the “more and more instances”, seems to be few not very active shitlib places who defederated and then go everywhere else and are trying to bring more people to their instances.

With federation, who’s to say that someone comes here or goes there? Isn’t lemmy.ml-posts sent to the instances you’ve mentioned?

Scroll down modlogs, many of banned people are from the same places and then make same named account on lemmy. Or lemmy account advertising for the abovementioned instances.

In my experience it goes both ways.

No. Saying fuck off is definitely not the same as USA simping or nazi whitewashing.

Yeah it is, although it is not exactly between lemmygrad and lemmy, lemmy is only the field of that play.

It’s between lemmygrad and places like beehaw, scopuli etc., which you can easily notice by looking at the bans on the modlog and the more heated threads - there’s like 4-5 people coming here (at lemmygrad they are banned instantly) and flaming with really nasty shit and obvious trolling - you can just look at the recent Roger Waters thread for nice examples.

This one was always adequate about capitalism. It’s the rest that is problem. Do remember that libertarians are completely delusional in that they criticize capitalism but see even more capitalism as a cure.

And guess how it’s been presented by polish (and most probably every other too) bourgeoisie?

Yes of course, you guessed right - “laziness”

Obligatory Erfurter Latrinensturz. It turns out that nothing mix the cesspool like throwing some aristocrats in.

This is why i now absolutely hate hip hop. Because every obnoxious idiot in my town love hip hop.

Wait, are they demanding freedom for pokemons in the first point and then immediately in second they want to use them for electricity generation?

I got resolution for them if they want massive alcoholism epidemic, like in XIX century Russia and Poland: propination laws plus mandatory trucking system /s

TIL there is no capitalism in capitalism.

“Capitalism eating everything” - by Goya

He did not tried Lemmy.

He did not even tried Lenin.