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  • While I do enjoy rimworld and tynan’s model, I don’t think it would be a good match for Stardew given how the game has a particular branching story it wants to tell and share with the player navigating choices, where rimworld is more heavily into an (almost) entirely randomly generated story where your long lost brother might show up as a pirate or deceased cousin offended some govt official so now they are applying pressure to your settlement as pay back. The cosmetic option would be a much better fit so players could have alternate options on how characters, tools, plants or monsters appear, to say nothing of the home making segment. Yes mods already make this an option, but the entire point of Cosmetic DLCs is a tip jar for the developer you get something back for, and a way to show your support. New content and story pack expansion by contrast can seriously change the flow of the game and many players do not view them as optional in the discussion.

  • Accounting for mining, construction, operation, decommission and disposal, nuclear has less emission that Solar.

    The political problems are entirely artificial, fabricated by the fossil fuel competitors and have been soundly disproven.

    Nuclear waste is no where near the problem people assume it is. A single plant doesn’t produce more than it can store onsite during it’s entire operation and 100% of all the waste can actually be recycled and ran through newer generation breeder reactors to ‘burn’ the radioactivity and render the resulting ‘waste’ safe as background radiation within a decade or so in a cooling pool. The only reason this isn’t already common practice is nuclear fuel is so abundant it’s not as profitable to do this, It’d be the equivalent of a coal power plant halting using coal for a few weeks so they could shovel in trash from a nearby landfill until it was empty. Less overall power output for less profit.

  • The only reason they were making a sequel was because there was going to be a competitor to their 10 year old game that would absolutely take the market share of this niche. Now that the competition died they can put the devs back to making a bunch of overpriced DLC for another 10 years or when ever another viable competitive game shows up on their radar.

    EA knows their current Sims game has been a flop they had to make the base game free to play. They wanted a games as service model but 2013 SimCity had such a strong backlash they had to scramble to make it something else and hope no one noticed. So here we are with an underperforming game from a series that pretty much always topped the charts when it released a new game or expansion pack. Thats how bad they screwed up.

  • This, Biden isn’t going to drop out and most of the people calling for him to resign benefit either directly from him no longer being on the ballot, or indirectly benefit in the chaos and doubt of opportunist in the democratic party jumping on what they perceive as an opportunity to enhance their standing and power within the party and political establishment as a whole.

    If one singular data point (a bad debate performance) is enough to make you or anyone else think a person should immediately step aside, you’re exactly the kind of person these attacks and campaigns are directed at: someone easy to sway and scatter. I don’t particularly like Biden or most of what he’s done in the last 2 years specifically, but I also know that splitting off from him or encouraging a third candidate that will split the vote is just going to hand GOP the reigns for the next 4 years and given how they’ve spent the last 8 stomping on rights and democracy, it’ll probably be another 20 years before they lose power short of another revolution or civil war. So weighing those two scenarios, yeah I’m just going to vote Biden, sleepy or dark brandon, doesn’t matter since he can always resign after the election and let Kamala take up POTUS.