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  • Maybe next year Xbox cloud gaming should team up with Outlook and Onedrive for the “Ultimate” cloud computing conversion feature:

    When you drag and drop a file into Outlook, Windows mail, or Exchange, the file bounces around like in the window like in the game Breakout. You can only attach a copy if you hit every word in your email message. If you let the file fall past the signature line, it makes a Onedrive link automatically.

  • You can be tracked with facial recognition, etc. but not in the same way or with the ease of a car as demonstrated in the article so I think that my point is relevant to the article. Sure some states ban or don’t have traffic cameras, but in Ohio specifically, we see that a better intercity transit system could be better for privacy.

    I already mentioned that sure, mass transit doesn’t work as well in rural and remote areas. Clarifying my point on that: planning cities for more density, more walkability and car free travel is good for country people outside of those cities, because it keeps the suburbs from sprawling out into the countryside. These exurbs take up what could have been useful farmland with people who are just LARPing country life and spend 4 hours every day travelling to and from their job that was in the city anyway.

  • There is a record of you being the owner of a 1986 Fiero. Nobody needs to know the make, colour and serial number of your bike unless you register it in a system to ensure it’s not stolen.

    US and Canadian Intercity trains have upped security since 9/11 like everything so there is more tracking than before. You can still buy tickets with cash at least. Denser cities make it easier to blend in the crowds.

    And yeah my last car had no always connected tech bullshit, and if you live in a remote area then of course, mass-transit isn’t for you. Rural folks do also advocate for better city planning because it helps keep suburbanites out. Extreme cold and heat (beyond +/- 40 deg C) makes it hard but most winters and summers it can work

  • So long as Valve remains private, the experience getting shittier in the name of more profits is a pressure that faces Valve but not necessarily an inevitably.

    If Valve breaks the trust they have built in ways that Google and Microsoft have and continue to do, of course I will stop using them where feasible. Assurances mean nothing, I will respond to action with action of my own. Support more games for Linux, I will buy more of their games. Support bad practices like kernel-level anticheat, launchers in launchers in launchers, PSN, I will buy fewer of those games. I have an account with GOG (I have spent a little bit of money, I would more it Galaxy was available for Linux), Epic (I have spent $0 there because of Tim Sweeney’s aversion to Linux) and Itch.io (has a Linux client). I can move platforms if Steam has a sudden change of heart tomorrow and becomes hellbent on screwing customers over.

    I think that there is regulation to be had re: the ownership of games or minimum availability of service for what is paid on both the seller and consumer side. But “I’m paying too much for games because of Valve’s monopoly” wasn’t really on my radar of things that Valve is doing wrong.