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  • You are literally ignoring what I am saying. I’ve answered to the thread where you were answering the argument of mentally insane people kill as much as islamists, but the latter are more represented by the media by searching for headlines on a search engine. Nothing else, I’ve not actually challenged the argument of islamists completely overreacting at people insulting their believes.

    Though just to clarify, while sceptism toward religion is always warranted, insulting someone’s believes is arguably a no-go as well.

    But you’re obviously on a slippery slope towards the right. There have been plenty of violent attacks on politicians in the past few months in Germany alone. And they didn’t even have to say anything against the attackers ideology

  • The ability of mental gymnastics right-wing populists are capable of is admirable - despicable - but admirable.

    How the fuck did they go from “Germany are Nazis and want to help Russia by not sending weapons” to “Help I am being oppressed and the government is doing harmful politics in regards to Russia by opposing them”?

    It is baffling to me that people actually fall for that bs