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    It doesn’t help that the vegans are right. The meat industry is a nightmare, terrible for the environment, and pretty bad for our health.

    It’s insane that most Americans eat meat every day.

    If I could put 100% tax on meat tomorrow I would, but that’s political suicide, so it’ll never happen. It’d be easier to adjust than you think. There are plenty of delicious vegetarian options, and it’d be a lot easier to choose those if they were more common.

    I eat meat because it’s culturally acceptable, delicious, ubiquitous, and I don’t believe I can make a noticeable difference. But that doesn’t mean I think it’s right.

  • And it’s not good for them, either. It’s horribly short-sighted. When the middle class and poor have money, it’s so much easier to make money. When all the money coalesces into very few hands, it gets harder to make money and everything grinds to a halt.

    You can see this in things like free to play games. Chasing low amounts of money from a large amount of people isn’t as good as chasing whales. The poors who don’t spend money are there to entertain the whales. This model works because our economy is broken.

    Democrats are better for the economy. Democrats are better fiscal conservatives. Democrats are better for the rich (measured in decades).

  • You know the single best thing we could do for small business and entrepreneurship?

    I’ll give you a hint. If you’re going to run your own business as an adult, what’s the first consideration? Particularly if you have kids. It usually involves your spouse and what they do for work.

    Universal healthcare.

    It’s the biggest burden on entrepreneurship, so much so that you generally need a spouse to have benefits. And it’s a huge burden on small and medium businesses.

    The major groups against universal healthcare include large corporations, because it’s another barrier to entry for competition, both in their market and for potential employees. Unions are against it because healthcare is one of the few things they’ve negotiated for. And of course the healthcare industry doesn’t want the money sink to dry up.