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  • I’m in Norway, and let’s say electric car charging could be better. The main issue we face is that the car charger systems are too fragmented, meaning you have to have an app and account for pretty much every car charging company, and guess what… There’s not a dozen of them, but hundreds.

    Another issue we’ve faced a lot is that you’d plug your car into the fast charger, get charged money but the charging won’t start. You get a choise of navigating the ad filled terribly designed apps that barely work and try to cancel or restart charging, or give up and look for another charger in the near vicinity. As far as I can remember, gas pumps have never had these issues, but even a decade into norway’s EV development, these companies still struggle setting up proper working infrastructure.

    One thing that’s nice are the toll prices, we pay about NOK 7 kr to pass tolls, while gasoline vehicles pay NOK 29kr, and diesel pay about NOK 65kr to pass tolls.

    As of July 23 2024, the conversion for that is:

    NOK 7kr = USD $0.63
    NOK 29kr = USD $2.63
    NOK 65kr = USD $5.89

    Also if you drive at the wrong time and at the wrong place, those prices might as well be doubled

  • Im the person who’s been “chosen by the people” to do “IT stuff”. Family, friends, teachers, and neighbours reach out to me for the simplest tasks. Stuff they could probably figure out on their own, but insist I do for them.

    I’m a nightmare for my school administrators, as I know my way around every blocking and monitoring thing they’ve set up on the school equipment.

    I’ve also caused headaches for the entire city wide school system, as I got cloudflare to (unintentionally) block traffic from our ip address, and since all traffic is funnleded trough a VPN to a central gateway (all schools in said city use the vpn) ,meaning I blocked 66k kids from using the internet for 15m. ( I didn’t get in trouble :3)

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    6 days ago

    What’s nice here is that the upvote to comment ratio is pretty low compared to reddit and other platforms, meaning one upvote here means a lot more than one upvote on reddit.

    Also each post sparks cool and unique discussions so you get more out of reading and participating in the comment section.

    And that’s why I love this place

  • The main cause for why I wanted to leave reddit was the “hustle” for getting as many upvotes as possible. It just felt like the content was not genuine, but merely manufactured for clicks, meaning that you wouldn’t really get proper or meaningful conversations with other people. What triggered my switch to lemmy was reddit’s api changes and the censorship moderators and spez did.

    Here, I can have an actually meaningful conversation without the toxicity and childishness of redditors on reddit. One thing I miss though is leaving the huge bank of information that accumulated on that platform from decades of people sharing information.