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    Does that mean that if enough of a minority of people use a neutral word with ill intent, other people should be careful of using that word? For instance, if a bunch of racists started using the word “black” venomously day and night for months, should everyone else start considering the word “black” to be a slur? What if it’s a term that’s otherwise used by scholars with ample consensus? And if there’s no other other to refer to it, and by avoiding it, you cannot refer to the concept at all?

  • Maybe one day we’ll experience it

    Not until you American liberals stop getting all pissy about people pointing out that Democrat politicians are terrible reformers at best and blatant hypocrites at worst. “Democrats defend universal healthcare!” And they don’t built a public healthcare system, instead sustaining the debt-based private healthcare that you all always complain about. “Democrats are forgiving college loans!” How about making public colleges competitive and granting ample public scholarships so that people don’t have to go into debt to get an education? “Republicans are outlawing abortion!” Yeah, after Democrats did nothing to enshrine it in federal law, despite the opportunities they’ve had while they controlled both the presidency and Congress.

    And you cannot even lay things clearly on the table either because the moment you denounce the farce for what it is, countless shills will come out of the woodworks to shout “Why are you supporting Republicans!?”, despite me not having said at any point of this post how you should vote at all, and well intentioned fools on the side will buy that thought-terminating cliche and assume that the Democratic party must not be criticized, at the very same time they lament themselves of how far from good enough it is, that no one is reforming, and that the party doesn’t listen to them. I guess they expect good things to materialize in front of them from nothing. Good luck with that.

  • We don’t even really need to check who has been defending or denouncing what if you want to see who’s committing violence, there’s an even more damning statistic.

    Number of People Killed in Deadly Attacks in the Post-9/11 Era, by Ideology

    • Far Right Wing: 134

    • Jihadist: 107

    • Ideological Misogyny/Incel Ideology: 17

    • Black Separatist/Nationalist/Supremacist: 13

    • Far Left Wing: 1

    It should also be noted that Jihadist terror attacks have almost as many victims as far right terror attacks because the former are just more efficient, but far right terror attacks are far more common. Check the graph in the article.

    The fact that the far right candidate has been under a murder attempt by another far right loon is just the cherry on top.

  • Cuba (country right next to the US) aligned itself with the USSR after Castro’s revolution, and the US has attempted to coup them, invade them, murder their leaders, then sink them in isolation and starvation. I’ve always defended that Cuba had the right of self-determination for their own foreign and domestic policy, and that the US was in the wrong for retaliating against them.

    It would be extremely hypocritical of me to defend that Ukraine has no right to self-determine whether they want to be in a defensive pact or not, and whether they want to join the EU or not, just because a third country would like them not to do so - just as it’s extremely hypocritical of tankies and campists to say that Cuba had the right to choose their own future but Ukraine doesn’t.