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  • Like I can recognize it as a threat, but also I suspect it would last a whole of five seconds until you have a pile of Techbro corpses.

    Plenty of the coups in Latin America and the Middle East during the 50s and 60s were sponsored by these bean-counters and their billionaire buddies working out of various right-wing think tanks. The Chicago School of Business produced legions of these fuckers and flew them out from Mexico City to Santiago to Brasília. The Saudi Crown Prince MBS has absolutely inundated himself with these freaks in his quest to build the world’s most technologically advanced shopping mall. New Zealand is currently drowning in Techbro fascism, after their local media was hijacked by the far right and the residents talked into electing a white nationalist government.

    Hell, states like California and Texas and Florida are already thick with these ghouls. That’s a big reason why our energy prices are skyrocketing in these states. Techbros build these enormous power-hog data centers and jack up the price of electricity for everyone else.

    Techbros are the dumbest motherfuckers and only have soft power

    They have a great deal of institutional power through contracts with federal and state governments. They’re embedded deep in the post-War on Terror panopticon and own huge stakes in private media, so they get to dictate a lot of what we see and hear while distorting public outcries and SWATing political dissidents.

    Techbros aren’t the brightest, but cops are way dumber and more easy to manipulate. And as our domestic budget increasingly becomes “Oops! All Cops!” that means obedience to the Techbro Establishment is how you make money and keep your job, especially as law enforcement.

    That’s huge leverage in a system that already favors extremist ultra-nationalist white supremacy.

  • they’re not perfect

    Band-aid on a gunshot wound, but I’m sorry its the best we could do. It’s not perfect, but the other guy wants to hit you with another bullet.

    So, anyway, here’s another $50B bank bailout. And a $100B automotive industry rescue. And $200B for the wars overseas. And $25B for Intel to build a new foundry in Israel that makes specially designed chips to help Microsoft do weird invasive AI data-scraping more efficiently.

    But sorry we can’t do anything about health care or education costs. We just don’t have the money, cause we’re not perfect.

  • I guarantee that the government would collapse within about three weeks if less.

    Oh sure. Famously, whenever a worksite implements a blacklist on pornographic websites, the workers immediately begin screaming and flailing and eating each others faces.

    Do not underestimate the power of the gooners

    Generally speaking, the power of the gooner is to compile 500 TB of questionably legal pornographic data on a PLEX server in their basements and ride out the porn-pocolypse as a bunch of horny hermits.

    But the theory that this is going to be the last straw and hordes of angry horny dudes are going to take to the streets in a mass labor action is about as likely as the one where Tech Bros were going to take to the streets over Net Neutrality or women were going to have a sex boycott over the Abortion Ban or the hippies were going to tear down Wall Street over the drug war.

    Americans are shockingly pliant and far more prone to simply turn to black market cartels than actively resist policing.

  • That’s… exactly the opposite of libertarianism.

    American libertarianism got co-opted by white nationalism way back in the 1930s, under Ludwig Von Mises and Murray Rothbard.

    Look at the Libertarian Party nominee for 2024, he’s a gay man who is extremely supportive of the trans community and came from the left.

    Kathy Glass won the Texas Libertarian Gubernatorial nomination in 2010 and 2014. She’s an outspoken white supremacist with deep Trump sympathies. She abandoned the party in 2016 to go follow Trump, and she took a large chunk of the party base with her.

    Libertarians believe in the non-aggression principle

    They espouse it. But when you get into what qualifies as “aggression”, everything from migration to miscegenation can qualify. Thomas Sowell, a staunch libertarian economist, was a full throated supporter of the Iraq War on the grounds that Saddam helped perpetrate 9/11, evidence to the contrary be damned. Notorious Libertarian-Republican Ron Paul claimed that individuals infected with AIDS “victimizes innocent citizens by forcing them to pay for care", in a newsletter that argued for the criminalization of gay sex.

    I am looking at Chase Oliver (Libertarian Party candidate) to spread that message, but unfortunately the LP is having some internal issues so he may be limited in his reach.

    That’s by design. The LP is shot-through with the worst strains of American bigotry and xenophobia intentionally. They’re a common injection point for far-right conspiracies and a testing ground for ultra-nationalist ideology. Once you wrap an idea under the cover of free markets and individual liberties, you can smuggle it into the mainstream GOP and then on to “centrist” American politics.

    Everything from Trump’s Big Beautiful Wall to Lynne Cheney’s trade war with China to JD Vance’s Project 2025 can trace their roots back to libertarian academia.

  • If it was staged, it was one hell of a show.

    But there are more than a few Republicans who would love to see Trump six feet under, just to clear the way for their own jackboots. I don’t think its a coincidence that Trump picked Peter Thiel’s favorite Senator as his VP, two days after a far-right gun nut wings him. He’s circling the wagons and shoring up support among his gun-nuttier base.

  • They say calling Trump a threat to democracy is violent rhetoric.

    They aren’t strictly wrong. When Republicans insisted that Clinton, Obama, and Biden were a threat to democracy, they absolutely intended it as a call to violence.

    The hiccup in their reasoning is that the shooter was one of their dudes. The “Trump is a threat to democracy” line isn’t just a GOTV message among Dems. Its an ear-splitting dog whistle from the secessionists and white nationalists who see Jared Kushner as a shadowy (((puppet master))) working Trump’s strings. This call came from inside the GOP’s own house.

    Grasping at all the straws in the world.

    Not at all. This is pure projection. Republicans shooting at Republicans, while everyone points at the other and shouts “Double Secret Antifa Infiltrator!” They’ve drunk their own Deep State kool-aid and now they’ve got the long knives out for one another.

  • As if a law could prevent anything of that.

    Generating legal liability goes a long way towards curbing how businesses behave, particularly when they can be picked on by rival mega-firms.

    But because we’ve made class action lawsuits increasingly difficult, particularly after Comcast Corp. v. Behrend, the idea that individual claimants can effectively prosecute a case against an interstate or international entity is increasingly farcical. You’re either going to need big state agencies (the EU seems increasingly invested in cracking down on American tech companies for anti-competitive practices) or rivalrous business interests (MPAA/RIAA going after Big Tech backed AI firms) to leverage this kind of liability. It’s still going to be open season on everyone using DeviantArt or Pinterest or whatever.