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  • I mean, I dunno how things are on your side of the pond, but here this would preclude a contract that is more expensive for otherwise equal condition, usually meaning a higher total cost of ownership.

    I also tend to throw on a custom rom anyway - my four year old midranger is on the current version of Android. More and more devices also tend to get supported for longer, so that’s worth considering.

    Also, out of date and brand new have gotten more and more meaningless for smartphones. I’ve got a processor fast enough to run everything I do seamlessly, a nice and sharp display, and a battery that lasts me a day. That’s about the same I’d have with a current flagship.

    I mean, it’s your call, and I don’t really care what kind of phone you use, I just don’t think it’s quite as black and white as you paint it.

  • 400 might have been a bit much. You can get a refurbished Pixel 7a for a bit over 300€ around here, and that should last you for quite some years.

    I’m currently on a four year old phone that was 400€ back then, though I fear the USB Port might not be long for this world, which would force me to upgrade - it’s soldered and rather hard to replace.