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  • Very well might be with your standard grocery store canned food, and especially with some of those formulated vet foods. But there’s a lot of those high moisture diets that can grt you there. Especially with raw formulas and kitten formulas.

    And that guy seems like he might still be under a year.

  • Judging by the size of thumb and depth of bowl, that is easily just one can of food.

    Maybe a 5 or 5.5oz can, but a lot of cat food comes in 3oz cans too. Some have you add water which can add to the bulk of food.

    So with perspective and me trying to remember my misguided private sector years in pet food retail… that may not be an immense amount of food for a cat, especially a younger more active cat.

  • The elephants were never a great part the zoo, IMO, and what you’re seeing is a remarkable improvement from what it used to be.

    The aquarium is the main draw for my family. It is currently the most updated and least fucked for the animals.

    The Red Wolves were reintroduced to the wild from the breeding program at the zoo too. It’s a mixed bag that place.

  • They cleared out a lot more room since the 90s. I grew up near (and was often in) that zoo as a kid. Cindy was a problem for a few reasons, not just the small enclosure. She was not really trained, never interacted with other elephants, and only had one handler for most of her life. She got violent and didn’t transition well and that’s not a reputation zoo animals can have.

    From what I remember they finally moved her out, razed a whole section of the zoo, and now they’ve got somewhat adequate space for a pair of elephants. Still not great but Cindy’s situation was rough and a shame.

    I think this year that zoo finally will reopen the south pacific exhibit after realizing the 1800s british explorer look was a little… outdated and needed remodeling.