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  • it seemed truly cozy and community-based for the first decade or so. you could buy gold to directly pay for servers and that was it, no greedy monetization or shittification. then awards came out with the same transparency, and it was fun to reward people for good posts (i gave gold partially to bookmark excellent comments for myself, as well). then spez got into coke (probably, i dunno, or hit his head very hard on something) and we have modern day reddit, a trash heap. i like how they deleted all the old awards and gold records, pure spit in the face to anyone that still believed in anything they were doing.

  • exactly, yes, thank you. it drives me insane when people act like they’re so infallible that it automatically makes everyone else wrong, immoral even, for even giving advice. if they’re typing from canada or the UK or europe that’s one thing, cause it is more trivial to talk to a doctor, but in the US it’s extremely obnoxious and presumptuous when you damn well know the way this country works yet still constantly badger people about it, with this attitude that of course i don’t know what’s best for me, nor should i even attempt to find out myself or double check or find other opinions, of course not, how dare i. the only corroboration allowed is making another appointment with another doctor. it’s my body and life. when i was 15 i diagnosed myself with an extremely rare speech disorder two weeks before the expensive ENT did the same thing except with far more bluntness and insensitivity. haven’t cared much for the outright worship of them since.

    maybe the reason most medical advice online is so ‘untrustworthy’ is because everyone’s been yelling this for 20 years so the only people bothering to try are the real kooks.

  • yeah, this is exactly what i mean.

    “Talk to you doctor.” i love that, like a mic drop. i don’t understand people’s burning desire to be so ostentatious about this point. yes yes yes obviously that is the best case scenario. congratulations, you posted the most generic answer to any question, take 40 points, awesome. it’s just this arbitrary blind faith in authority – can you imagine how many billions of dollars are spent by health insurance companies in the US to cultivate this exact line of thought in the populace? 100 years ago they only recently discovered you needed to wash your hands, and people act like they’re infallible deities.

    “You know what they call alternative medicine that’s been proved to work? - Medicine.”

    great, and now it’s gatekept to doctors only rather than being accessible to the common populace. W.

  • thank you, this is exactly what i mean. the problem shouldn’t be, as the comments are saying, ‘stupid people will do the horse injections’ – it’s pretty obvious when the tips are common sense and benign yet clever and helpful – like taking a bath if you’re stressed. it’s just such a preachy, syrupy empty message to shut off everyone else from saying anything because you need to repeat the boring disclaimer we’ve heard 1000 times. it’s so smug, i’ve never seen such smugness resonate off of plain text before.

    it’s not “dangerous” to read people’s advice online, my god, you can get all sorts of horrible advice about relationships or sex or professional life or tech support or anything else you can think of, but medical advice – something that could be the most crucial thing you need in an emergency, if you have one of the many, many situations it’s not trivial to talk to a doctor – that’s where we draw the line and leave it to the esteemed doctor class, only they may know the secrets. why can’t people talk to fellow people about their health without getting yelled at that they should, nay, they MUST speak to a medical professional. we are not allowed to discuss the hippocratic realm

  • The AI only fools us into thinking it’s intelligent because it picks the most likely text response based on what it’s read before. But often, the output is confidently wrong as it’s really just a parlor trick.

    that’s basically what many humans do

    i think AI still has really cool applications, it’s just that the vibe is getting destroyed by shitty companies putting it in everything, harvesting stealing data for it, the awful spam, and the built in restraints which make it act like you’re a child