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@Owell1984 I think the bot is based on YouTube-dl or yt-dlp

@dreiwert Gitlab is quite big so if they introduce it then the chance of a shift is quite big.

@dreiwert Would be awesome if this got implemented everywhere

@LemmyBest i havent had those issues you describe :-)

Does it work in comments from Lemmy accounts?

@jakob @jakob Did it work? Because I don’t see it on the Lemmy instance page.

@Sal @artificial_intel
Cool! Haha… I’m really still mindblown by the fact that this thing has become a reality. That it’s possible for a computer to respond like this. Wow.



I read the article a bit quickly 😃
It’s a tricky question though. We are not used to that machines can do human activities so it can be an uncomfortable feeling to see it in the author list for some people. I think that putting ChatGPT is the author list is the honest answer if you used it as a helper.

ChatGPT speaks any language. [@artificial\_intel](


@helpers @loaneville

Unfortunately they take you to the original page but if you search for them on a Lemmy instance with a ! instead of @ in the beginning then you will be able to subscribe to them.


Did you know that Friendica groups can be found here on Lemmy as communities? Examples:


The ability to post pictures from Friendica

@dessalines Amazing! this release fixed some federation issues between Friendica and Lemmy.

That’s an interesting website with good info. Thanks for the link.
Would SSH forwarding even be possible with the more restrictive architecture?


@nachtigall @eshep

Incredible what the online communities come up with 😃 i must try it some time.

@Helix @Berserkware yeah finally we can get rid of that old X11. its crazy how long time that took :D

@shreddy_scientist @Berserkware It’s doing good progress for sure. I think we are in general going more and more towards open source and decentralization.

@shreddy_scientist The Wine project is a very ambitious project. There are many pieces which need to fit in the puzzle. Well done.