I make people upset just by using my eyes and brain, as such please be careful to ensure your tears do not get into your electronics, thank you

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  • Had someone repeatedly call me a faggot, shouting it at me; after I told them staying 5 hours past check-out, for free, isn’t a thing. He also threatened to break my nose.

    I’m 6’4 and over 300lbs (and, indeed, gay), and I shit you not this man was a full head shorter than me and skinny like a twig. I couldn’t stop smiling as he made these threats and insults, and just waited for him to try coming over or around the desk (I had pepper spray and a big-ass maglite with me to boot, it was a hotel near a casino that still had smoking rooms and was frequented by drug addicts and hookers, and I was the overnight guy). He never did, and when the cops showed up he tried playing dumb and innocent. The cops didn’t buy it, especially since a co-worker had seen the entire thing and told them the same, and escorted him from the premises before check-out.

    And the whole reason dipshit didn’t want to check out on time? He wanted to go to college classes first and leave all his shit in the room (which, by the way, they trashed). Not how it works, housekeeping needs to clean it, either pack up or pay up. And instead, he wound up missing his classes and checking out on time! The stupidity of the common hotel guest never ceases to amaze me – I have frequently joked that people remember to pack their toothbrush, spare underwear, and they might even remember to shut off the kitchen stove, but they almost always leave their brain by the door before heading out.

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    Observe, class. Bottom third of the image. You are allowed to look and ask questions in a calm and respectful manner to the subject of the meme, but no flash photography and no snickering in the back or I’ll beat you with a sack of oranges

  • The only family I have supporting me right now doesn’t want to leave the country and can’t provide meaningful support from afar, meaning I have to stay here. And staying during a second Trump term could be dangerous very quickly indeed if I’m to believe even half of the insane shit coming out of Project 2025.

    other than my family, I just don’t have much luck making connections with other people, I get along better with dogs. Unfortunately, dogs don’t help pay rent. worse, if Trump wins another term, I would actually consider it dangerous to be openly gay. Not that I was getting dates anyways, but it means I probably won’t try anymore if it’s going to put me or my family at risk of harassment.

    I’m just trying to enjoy every day I have with my family and try not to panic too hard, now, mostly through distracting myself with weed and videogames. I don’t know how soon things will get bad, but I don’t think we have the resources necessary to protect us from what’s coming if he wins again. We’re struggling as is – I’ve lost my job recently, I had to go through cancer this past year, I’m depressed – I don’t also need to be shit-scared of how the election plays out. Even if he loses, so much is still so fucked with our country right now.