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    • exceptional food
    • cheap workforce (the next major factory of world after China is becoming “too expensive” and competitive)
    • hinduism
    • religious segration
    • caste system
    • extreme poverty and extreme wealth
    • racist towards dark skinned people (also due to caste)
    • anti-queer
    • lots of potential, but also among world leaders in corruption
    • hot
    • noisy, polluted cities
    • very influenced by external forces

    I’d like to visit, but Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, and Japan look more enticing.

  • God cannot be refuted nor confirmed. It’s like unicorns, elves, dragons, and many other myths: we have not seen proof of their existence, nor have any claimed proofs of their existence been confirmed to be a valid, but that doesn’t rule out that we will never find proof.

    Such is my understanding science: there is no absolute certainty nor absolute confidence. I think only logical fallacies might never exist e.g an all-powerful creator immediately runs into the logical problem of “can god create a rock that it itself cannot lift?”.

    But what if our universe were just a simulation within a machine of a highly advanced species? Their ability to modify the simulation to their will might make them akin to gods for us, but that also incurs the question: what if they were in a simulation themselves? That can be repeated to the root until a “real world” is reached, but that still leaves the question: how did everything come to be?
    We can thus cut out all the “if god exists, who created god” and focus on a world without the need to get distracted by the god problem.

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    Closed source that pretends to be your friend. They are just wearing a different mask than google, microsoft, facebook, bytedance, and so on. Any privacy gained is a circumstantial side-effect that will cede to any monetary interests and will be used as an excuse to lock users into their walled garden.

  • One law can not cover all situations

    Not all, but most. The goal isn’t “banning guns”, it’s regulating them more strictly. If you want to get a gun, you should be mentally sound, know how to maintain it, secure it, and shoot it safely. It’s the same with cars in many places on this planet: you need to go through about 60-100 hours of training, prove you’re able to handle it, and know the theory around it. You can’t just show up to a car show, buy a car and ride off with it without a license.

    Whether you want to protect yourself from bear, shoot at birds on your farm, feel safe in your home in the middle of the city, or collect guns to never shoot them, you still must have a license to own it.