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  • As long as Venezuelans keep blaming the US for Venezuela’s problems instead of looking inward, especially to their own corrupt government, things won’t get better for them.

    Using the US as an external enemy is great for holding onto power but it doesn’t improve people’s lives. Transparency, democracy and accountability improve people’s lives. These are things most of Europe have and Venezuela does not. Venezuela has vastly different policies from center-left European countries and I’d know because I live in one.

    You don’t have to defend China or Cuba because I don’t want to attack them. I wish Venezuela would be like China or Cuba. At least my family wouldn’t go without power, starve or die needlessly.

    Maduro has to go, and chavistas need to stop blaming everyone but the government for their problems. But I suspect even after everyone has left and only chavistas remain, they’ll still blame someone else. Don’t encourage them.

  • Just finished it yesterday, it has more bugs than I’d like, but I really enjoyed the story and puzzles, even if some were beyond my abilities (I guess I was rushing too much to check the rooms for clues). Watching The Truman Show always left me wanting more, and this really scratched that itch.

    The worst bug was cutscene volume playing at 100% even if master volume was at 10%. The funniest bug was a chase sequence where the chaser got stuck and my character was running further and further away from the chase while talking as if they were next to each other. That sequence ended in the game crashing because I guess the game couldn’t position the chaser in their place for a cutscene.