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  • Security in nearly Ll forms is such a sliding scale of what ifs for literal safety, the appearance of Security (theater), and a whole lot of making sure you aren’t liable.

    This goes from militaries, Secret Service, police, cyber security, to guards and even kids guarding their favoritw toys lol.

    The best part is that people somehow think that when it’s organized it somehow takes out the human equation to all of it. Think about how often you fuck up, make small mistakes or are lazy on a daily basis. Now compound those by how many people you have doing it.

    People are fallible. Just don’t make stupid decisions when other people are pressuring you to make something easier at the cost of security and liability. You’ll get away with it 99/100 times… But those people who get hit with that 1% are going to regret it.

    On the plus side of being on the 99%. Less stress and pissed off clients, coworkers and bosses. Security work in almost all forms is a lose lose situation no matter how strict or loose you are with your job. Just try to do good and make sure you can sleep at night. It’s usually better in the morning, and if not tomorrow, then soon.

  • Never used it besides random thot media posts I wanted to check out. Everything else has been rehosted.

    Facebook was the longest to quit just like most people say. It’s the only way I communicate with my nan, or marketplace, or etc. Even that for me was… 6 years ago now?

    They know they could get around it in reality. We all lie to ourselves in different ways and accept certain things while ignoring others. It’s how humans survive, but let’s not lie to ourselves at least lol. The raindrop thinks it caused the flood and all that.