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  • It’s kinda both. Like it’s humorous, but also a lot of the frustrations of disability are. It’s funny to think about but it must be infuriating to actually reach the top of your career potential not because you can’t do the jobs, not because you aren’t willing to put in the work, and not because people aren’t willing to give you a shot, but because the board of directors meets on a high up floor and the fire code says it’s too dangerous for you to not be on the ground floor. You probably prepared for a lot of frustration and limitations by not being able to walk, I know my own disability has taught me that, but you probably didn’t think that was one of the dreams you don’t get to have.

  • I wish us gays and disabled folks had gotten that card. Gays weren’t even let out… The roma also really need it.

    But yeah, it’s a country forged in response to unspeakable trauma. To many Israelis and their supporters the idea of not protecting the nation of Israel at all costs is seen as antisemitism, in part because part of the purpose of the nation is to be a bulwark and refuge against antisemitic violence. And it has served that role, the evacuated the Jews from Ethiopia. And if they had found some uninhabited land to create that nation I’d’ve been one of their biggest supporters (well apart from the ethnostate thing). But uninhabited land was either terrible or nonexistent by the 20th century and they did a settler colonial genocide to get their country and keep invading their neighbors. They still see Palestine not as a land that people have lived in for centuries, where even non-Semitic inhabitants have become indigenous, but rather their territory that the international community is refusing to allow them to kick off the people who’ve been squatting there since the Roman Empire forced most of them out.

    The non-Palestinian Jewish community is an eternally diasporic community. And that’s brutal. I understand how fucking rough it is to be a permanent minority of everywhere and I get wanting a land of your own. Add in the fact that the perpetrators of the Nakba were largely hardened holocaust survivors or people who had just watched it happen, it makes sense that they’d make the choices that are hard but may seem necessary. But that doesn’t justify continuing invasion and genocide in Palestine generations later. At a certain point enough is enough. They aren’t allowed to be as evil as Americans were in our founding because nobody was supposed to do that.