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  • Seriously how many Israeli civilians have died since the beginning of the war and how many Palestinians? Or how many Israelis homes and how many Palestinian homes have been destroyed. Or how many Israeli an Palestinian kids died, got maimed or starved?

    Palestinians were treated inhumanely long before this war ha started. Please open the webpage of any human rights organisation and check what they think of the situation in Gaza and the West bank before the war. I dare you to provide me with a single link of such organisation that is portraying Israel’s government as the good guys here, who are doing everything possible to find a peaceful solution.

    Heck even the US started sanctioning settlers who are constantly terrorising Palestinians in the West bank.

    Use that brain of yours and do some reflecting on those ugly colours you are showing to the world.

    And please use this brain of yours and truthfully answer me, how would you feel if you were on the other side of the fence. Even in the West bank, because I am pretty sure you wouldn’t be happy either.

  • And you will pay a lot more for literally everything and some products will be either unavailable or with much lower quality. This will also drive inflation to new highs affecting the consumer purchasing power.

    I can only assume you are an American, and I am sorry to disappoint you but you don’t have neither the manufacturing power, nor the workforce to handle all the manufacturing that is happening overseas anymore. Even if you want to switch to local manufacturing there would be decades until you build the know how build and equip the factories and to train the workforce.

    Where do you think your TV or phone or microwave, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, etc. are produced?

    Not to mention that this will also affect your GDP in a negative way, as you will stop being able to export locally produced goods, because of those protectionist policies.

    But yes, let’s do this /S

  • Another piece of the puzzle is probably your WiFi router, as you normally won’t get speeds near 1Gbps over WiFi. In order to benefit maximally from it, you need to connect your devices (laptops, stationary PC, TV, etc.) with a cable to get the most of it.

    You should also try to disable some pfSense plugins, like OpenVPN, zenArmor, etc. as they will severely limit your bandwidth throughput. But as others said, most likely you will also need to upgrade your hardware box, and you can migrate to OPNsense while at it.