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  • There are thing done, yes, but these are too little too late and only after massive protests and public outcries for any kind of legislation to somewhat mildly stop climate change (with tummy ache).

    So on one hand we have multi millionaires and billionaires actively destroying the planet, spend decades spreading lies about it and bribing politicians (but it’s called lobbying so it’s ok)

    On the other hand we have people in their teens and 20s who throw soup at glass and paint at rocks and sit on the street.

    Guess which one goes into preventive custody and gets officially declared a suspect of extremism by German intelligence and which one every now and then has to accommodate to some laws taking effect 10 years into the future, which will most likely be abolished before then.

    I just wish it was the other way around…

  • I did not defend it, I merely corrected the headline. There isn’t a grand order to seize Jewish money in Germany like the headline suggests, this is a singular problem (yes, it is a problem) and it should be reported as one. This whole issue will realistically come out in two ways: either some Sparkasse employee fucked up (accidentally or maliciously) or the organization fucked up their paperwork and the bank did a standard procedure. Either way, it will come out and it will be resolved.

    Is that really less probable than Scholz, Faeser or any other relevant politician calling some bank to lock a single bank account of a single pro-palestine organization?