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You can use some translation service (google translate, deepl, etc.). Then it becomes pretty straightforward.

Using AGPL would not have prevented the package being reinstated as you said but if that was the license, the number of other packages using left-pad as a dependency would have been significantly lower which would have saved the author some headache at least.

I agree that NPM should not have ideally caved in to whatever Kik™ asked them too. Also agree that NPM had the right to restore the module as dictated by the terms of license the module was distributed under. I haven’t checked but I am 99% sure that is licensed under MIT which is the darling license of the node ecosystem. When you do that you are basically opening yourself to being abused by corporations. But I don’t want to blame the victim here because it is pretty common in webdev to be seduced by sweet whispers of the “open source” “community”.

Whether the function should be a part of the standard library I am not sure. If I had to do something like that I would most likely copy paste the code from a stack overflow answer. Having a whole module for one small function seems ridiculous to me.

This user is uploading the version you are looking for but you will have to set up crack/steam emulator and creamapi yourself:

Those are for automatically downloading TV episodes or movies (respectively) as they release and become available. If that sounds interesting to you, you can give them a go.

get it from i use it and it works flawlessly. you can also try using krita or gimp as alternatives.

I think avidemux splicing is lossless too. It takes a couple seconds to do it.

pcmanfm-qt for graphical, nnn for terminal

at work we still use a hackmd instance. it has an outdated imgur extension and the service crashes when anyone tries to upload an image.

the solution was to set the docker restart policy to always. lmao

hedgedoc landing page says “real-time collaboration” but i can’t find any more info on it.

(Linux distro .mkv)


EDIT: Oh wait I get it now. Sorry about that.

yeah unless you have access to private trackers it is by far the best way to get high quality music. the second best option i know is rutracker.

I wonder if they plan of counteracting SEO by all websites making search results useless

He didn’t immediately kill himself. He was hounded for many years by authorities to point that he and his family could not afford the legal fees.

Well thanks for setting things straight I guess. Not sure what you were trying to achieve but good job.

As far as I can recall he didn’t share any articles. Authorities could only guess what he was going to do with them based on a manifesto he wrote about how knowledge should be more accessible but that is technically not a crime. So the feds and MIT killed him for basically nothing. I think they wanted to make an example out of him.

I have this installed. Its maintainers are active in the Void Linux community so one of the most popular guides for setting up Void with ZFS on root is in the wiki of this project’s GitHub repository. But I have no idea what it is exactly supposed to do. 😅

I have seen both of these articles but failed to get to satisfactorily work on Void Linux which is mostly my fault than anyone else’s. The socket file was not user readable. Instead of spending time finding a fix I just use docker in its stead.

I would be using podman full time if it had proper support for docker-compose in daemonless and rootless mode

I think the focus must be on an image-based design rather than a package-based one. For robustness and security it is essential to operate with reproducible, immutable images that describe the OS or large parts of it in full, rather than operating always with fine-grained RPM/dpkg style packages. That’s not to say that packages are not relevant (I actually think they matter a lot!), but I think they should be less of a tool for deploying code but more one of building the objects to deploy.

How is this different from any linux distro with docker installed on it?

I could help you out if you share what you tried to download. I have never encountered something like this before.

Use yt-dlp or youtube-dl to download. Unless you need the proxy to bypass georistrictions, those are much better options for downloading.