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  • In the latest movie adaption of the Surf Dracula (2024) by DC they already introduced the less grounded and more magical elements of the Surf Dracula franchise and even allready introduced the Surfer Werewolves to sell more toys and build up an expanded universe. They also did not even use Van Chil’sing as his archenemy but made him fight a gigantic sky hole that spawned an army of faceless minions.

  • There are ads I deliberately searched for like the fun viral music videos by Berlin public transit authorities. There’s even adds I physically ordered per mail. My home state in Germany had an ad-campaign where they printed stickers with “Nice here! But were you ever in Bade -Wurrtemberg?” that you could get per mail. Vandalism got these stickers everywhere and there was even a subreddit about spotting these in weird and faraway places. I also did paste a few in interesting places.