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Also, the feds were involved in this from the very beginning, and hid their involvement, suggesting they had other reasons to go after swartz, possibly his correspondence with Assange. This was a time when the Obama admin was ruthlessly going after whistleblowers and open information activists.

Swartz was the second computer-person from the same prosecutor that resulted in suicide, the first being Jonathan James, and wikileaks claimed after swartz’s death that he had been in contact with Assange, and was possibly a source.

It was really sad to see piracy decline in the 2010s, these streaming services were effective at privatizing the commons.

Glad its rising again tho, I was afraid people forgot how to do it.

Whoever did this should be in jail.

Who wore it better

The Donatsk and Luhansk people’s republics, that the Ukrainian military has been attacking with impunity since 2014, killing from ~8k-12k civilians.