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  • That is a pretty big accusation you are putting on health care professionals.

    Of course the cost often is a deciding factor on what treatment is possible. I’ve seen this in european hospitals as well, that we couldn’t run certain diagnostics or give certain medications because they were too expensive and would mean the hospital spends more than it gets for the patient.

    But what you are saying is that doctors and in consequence nurses, medical technicians and all kind of medical staff are all in on a conspiracy to MISDIAGNOSE ON PURPOUS (!!) causing bodily harm (again on purpous) to their patients in order to get payed by insurance?

    Please provide reliable sources and proof for this accusation of significant criminal activity that is apparently the norm in your (“here” means the US I assume?) Health care system.

    I understand that your health care system is wack. But the fish stinks from the head and that’s usually not the medical staff providing your care, which you are accusing of serious crimes here.

  • I feel you so much. I have migraines since I’m around 8 years old. Back then, in the late 1980’s many doctors were of the opinion that children do not have “Headaches”. And they told us so repeatedly.

    Today sience has caught up on this fortunately and when my niece started to have bad headaches at around 9 years old, there were whole protocols of diagnostics and treatments available.

    I was just lucky that my mom had awful headaches as a kid as well that went away with her first prefancy (typically for migraines to start or end with a big hormone change) and she never got diagnosed with migraines, but she still knew how it feels and that I wasn’t faking for more attention as the doctors said.

    I’m still unconsciously scared that doctors won’t believe me and I make a plan before every appointment of what to say, so they will believe me. Its not rational, but I still can’t shake the feeling.