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  • I used to justify it with “I’ve had a shit day, I deserve to be able to have something for the convenience” - not to mention, I don’t have a car so realistically it was “Do I want fast food or not”.

    Then I started to realize that every day tends to be a bad day for me, due to a multitude of reasons. I live paycheck to paycheck (which is why I don’t have a car in the first place) and the amount I was spending on takeout was way too high.

    Now the only time I do so is on Fridays because my workplace lets us spend $25 on their tab just for joining the weekly staff meeting. Aside from that, I might order a takeout once, maybe even twice, during a pay period as a “congrats for making it through last month” but I’d like to even stop doing that ideally.

  • This doesn’t read as a global Blocklist for all Android phones in the world. It reads more as a local database/API for blocked numbers on your phone.

    So blocked numbers would theoretically be applied to your messages apps and other “telephony” based apps that use phone numbers such as WhatsApp (should said apps implement the API).

    Google already seems to have a spammer database for numbers, though I’m not sure if that applies to just Fi users, Pixel users, or anyone who uses the Google Phone app. If I have call screen disabled, I’ll see numbers on an incoming call have a red background with a “likely spam” description.

    But based on the comments on this post, I feel as if I’ve overlooked something in the article here (I’ve just woken up so it wouldn’t surprise me) - is there a mention of it being a worldwide list?

  • Once I woke up a bit more I had another look at the article, and this phrasing certainly makes it sound like it needs approval at some point:

    Due to a licensing dispute between NVIDIA and Activision in 2020, GeForce NOW lost access to all Activision-Blizzard games.

    Perhaps though it’s a case of “Better to ask for forgiveness than permission” and they just add games until someone tells them to pull it off, I’m not sure. It’s been 4+ years since I looked into GFN, I tried it out during the beta period but I don’t believe I’ve used it since then.

  • They might’ve done so out of necessity. I don’t know if the dev(s) of the Simple Tools apps were working on it full time, but if they were and just not enough contributions were coming in from it… Well everyone has to eat.

    As the saying goes, “everyone has their price”. It’s easy to condemn the developers for their choice until you’re in the exact same scenario as they were. Whether that’s because they were starving, or even just offered enough money to make their lives a lot easier - not too many people would turn it down.

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    I’m a bit surprised to see that you disagreed with the “NixOS is hard to configure” bit, but then also listed some of the reasons why it can be hard to configure as cons.

    By “configure”, they probably didn’t mean just setting up say, user accounts, which is definitely easy to set up in Nix.

    The problems start to arise when you want to use something that isn’t in Nixpkgs, or even something that is out of date in Nixpkgs, or using a package from Nixpkgs that then has plugins but said plugin(s) that you want aren’t in Nixpkgs.

    From my experience with NixOS, I had two software packages break on me that are in Nixpkgs - one of them being critical for work, and I had no clue where to even begin trying to fix the Nixpkg derivation because of how disorganized Nix’s docs can be.

    Speaking of docs inconsistencies you still have the problem of most users saying you should go with Flakes these days, but it’s still technically an experimental feature and so the docs still assume you’re not using Flakes…

    I was also working on a very simple Rust script, and couldn’t get it to properly build due to some problem with the OpenSSL library that one of the dependent crates of my project used.

    That was my experience with NixOS after a couple of months. The concept of Nix[OS] is fantastic, but it comes with a heavy cost depending on what you’re wanting to do. The community is also great, but even I saw someone who heavily contributes to Nixpkgs mention that a big issue is only a handful of people know how Nixpkgs is properly organized, and that they run behind on PRs / code reviews of Nixpkgs because of it.

    I’d still like to try NixOS on say, a server where I could expect it to work better because everything is declarative such as docker containers - but it’s going to be a while before I try it on my PC again.