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  • With that kind of propulsion politically available, I doubt finding workable combinations of mitigation strategies to interstellar medium hazards would be the showstopper. Especially not one to hold us back for time scales that oceans did. Getting humans interested in prioritizing projects like that, to me, is the real headscratcher.

  • It was a lot later (1300s), but Ibn Battuta seems to have done just that. Guy leaves Morocco and just keeps going on and on, till he ends up in China. Though perhaps even more incredibly he actually does come all the way back. The historicity of his accounts is disputed and maybe only a part of it is true, but even if he only got as far as India, I still find it fascinating to imagine doing at that time.

  • This filter was very controversial, especially because at first it was hardcoded into Lemmy itself, and the devs initially were insistent in keeping it that way. Fortunately they eventually allowed it to be configurable by instance, which is a much more sensible approach. Especially considering other languages and even some english variants. And while most people like you and me appreciate the intent, many are still unsure if this is a good approach to fight the problem. It does seem hard to avoid a lot of silly false positives. I remember someone mentioning being really confused by this “Sremovedew Valley” mentioned everywhere, until they realized it was just Stardew Valley being mangled by the filter.

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    11 months ago

    For a serious game I’d recommend UnCiv, imho the best adaptation of Civ to the mobile form, even counting official games. Very frequently updated.

    For casual games, I like:

    Lona: like Snake from old feature phones, but with circular motions. You’ll understand it when you see it. Familiar and fresh gameplay at the same time. Difficult to master and keep beating your highest scores. Very addictive.

    Vector Pinball: as it says on the tin, just an honest to dog, simple pinball. Many tables to choose from.

    I’m also addicted to Poland can into space, which is a stupid game with bad gameplay, but fun nevertheless. :)