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  • I haven’t seen it since it first came out when I was just a little angryseal. You fine folks have convinced me that I need to see it again.

    I loved all the video game movies as a kid. Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Mario. I loved all the cheesy cartoons too. You guys talk like little kid me missed something here.

    Oh, and for fun because I can’t bring it up without doing it.

    MWORTAL KAWMBAAAAT! Deet deet deet doot doot deet

  • I went and took maternity pictures with my wife yesterday and she was having so much fun. I didn’t complain because I didn’t want to ruin it, but I was so mad at myself because it was all I could focus on.

    I’d forget for a second and make a joke to make her laugh and then right back into focusing on the pain.

    I’m about burned out with it. I’ll have a good week followed by three months of nonstop misery. I can’t take pain meds because I’m a former addict. I’m terrified to have surgery for that reason.

    I don’t know. Sorry to put this here. I wish I were better at suffering in silence. I know I’ve gotta be driving her crazy groaning all the time. I try not to, which makes me super aware of it. It sucks.

    It is what it is and we get what we get, but damn I wish I could get some real relief. I’m feeling alright at this moment because I’ve had 4 12% alcohol beers, but when I wake up in the morning I’ll probably spend the first 5 hours of my day wishing I could just be unconscious.

  • You’ve tied my head up in knots with this one. Haha

    As to the argument above yours, fostering a space for Nazis to grow their movement is scary. I get that some segments of society think that posting gay porn is scary too, but gay porn never led to death camps for anybody.

    I think all ideas are worth discussing, because if they’re hiding in quiet corners there are no voices of reason to refute them. It’s hard to take that stance nowadays with the internet working the way it does. Algorithms feeding information to people just because that information gets engagement is frightening.

    I had a conversation with my neighbor yesterday about how he got interested in the whole furry thing. He said that initially, he read the critical comments online, took them seriously, thought it was funny, so he engaged in harassment of furries. His engagement led him to more furry videos. He began to like some of the people he was engaging with. Fast forward to now and he’s got fursuits hanging in his closet and everyone he hangs with is also a furry.

    It got me thinking about how a lot of kids end up going down these rabbit holes online. Not that I consider being a furry a bad thing. My daughter is into that stuff and I support her being herself. His example just made me think of how other people fall into extremism online.

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    For me it’s my grocery order app from HT Hackney. When I first installed it I could play my tunes while I did my order.

    One day the “beep” started killing my music. Despite many complaints they’ve never fixed it.

    In three weeks I’m self employed and it doesn’t matter anymore. Thank you Jeebus and Krishna!

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    As a man in my 30s who enjoys VR, good god the kids torment me.

    I came up with a decent reply. “Why are you on Oculus, old man?”

    “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize a bunch of fucking toddlers made the Quest. I’m proud of you guys! I was under the impression that VR was mostly created by my generation, but it’s cool to see your elementary school science project took off like this. Congrats on your A+! You’re building the future.”

    Usually shuts them up or makes them fumble and a few kids get on my side with it haha.

    I’ve been the old sage sitting in the building in Pavlov Containers giving the youngins life advice. Always a wonderful experience when they aren’t bullying me or when I bump into a fellow old.