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  • you misunderstood me, I’m saying it sounds like he got killed by James Bond… It says on his wiki page the secret service got involved which is super weird for such a low level crime, I know they get involved in counterfeiting sometimes but wtf?.. and hell yeah its political JSTOR basically middleman’s students and makes huge fees charging students for copies of scientific papers that most of their authors would give out for free, and if you call most of the authors they will actually send you for free, whatever places like JSTOR are trying to charge you for, out of protest of this shitty system. This was hacktivism.

    This would be like if one of those guys who threw soup on the paintings were threatened with 35 years it’s just silly, any freshman law school student will tell you thats bullshit and would never hold up in court, it’s just a tactic to scare people into plea bargaining. So again he was committing a political crime, meaning he wasn’t doing this to get millions of dollars or revenge. It’s highly unlikely any normal person would commit suicide over this tactic. Much less someone who was going out of his way to commit a political crime in protest. He knew he might go to jail for this, that’s the whole point, if you’re so afraid of jail the thought makes you want to kill yourself, you dont do things like hacktivism.