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  • also thanks to the 16 years of the Union not wanting to spend money on anything important.

    Actually that’s way too short sighted, Austerity became German state religion much longer ago. Neoliberal sell-out and wholesale neglect of public property and infrastructure started under Helmut Kohl, and was seamlessly continued under Schröder to be equally seamlessly continued under Merkel and Scholz just went on with it, too. There is no large political party in Germany that is innocent of this crime.

    Now that they have collectively sold out and run down the country and are doing little to nothing to remedy their past mistakes crimes, they are acting surprised that this is driving people into the arms of Nazi demagogues.

    It’s still deplorable to vote for the Nazi scum that is the AfD, but propaganda is a powerful tool and the Nazis are deliberately targeting those who have been shat on by the political establishment for decades by now. That their propaganda is a bunch of lies and they are only going to sell out the country and its people some more doesn’t matter. People are stupid and easy to convince with propaganda. Keep in mind how the education system is a part of the public infrastructure that has been continuously and systematically neglected and sold out for almost half a century by now.

  • the Dax is hitting multiple records in recent months, the economy is growing, inflation is going down and the unions are achieving raises above the inflation level

    Stock market figures only benefit the wealthy. It is an entirely meaningless figure for measuring the economic situation of a country’s population.

    inflation is going down

    Inflation “going down” doesn’t mean there is no more inflation. It only means that there is less inflation than before.

    the unions are achieving raises above the inflation level

    Only a minority of the German workforce is even represented by those unions, also, most of them barely managed to get raises covering the recent inflation. Inflation adjusted salaries in Germany have been stagnating and even shrinking for decades now, so whatever has been achieved by the few unions isn’t really that impressive in the long run.

    The reality of the majority of people in Germany is vastly different from what you are describing.