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  • whereisk@lemmy.worldtoTechnology@lemmy.worldApple AI vs. Microsoft AI
    1 month ago

    See how much an exploit for iPhone vs Android will run you in the open market.

    Also how fast a discovered security hole will be patched and distributed to the fleet between the two systems.

    Most Android phones will never get a patch, some will get it 6 - 12 months later and very few within the month.

    Also one is run by an advertising company.

  • Exactly. The calculus for taking risks is vastly different when there’s a safety net. You can treat it as a game and go all in.

    On the other hand if there’s even a small chance of losing housing or getting in legal trouble or your family being destitute you take no risks - if you are a person with a sense of responsibility that is.

  • To be fair, Jews were also massive victims of empire and colonialism. They were kicked around Europe for centuries since the Greeks and the Romans.

    Now, on the fall of the Ottoman Empire all kinds of populations coalesced into nation-states (also, all while kicking out people that did not identify with the new nation - massive population exchanges at the time, millions of dead in forced marches out of a region). Most back to the heartlands of their ancestral lands - so the idea wasn’t far fetched.

    Unfortunately, unlike those other populations Jews were in diaspora so long that they had kept little physical connection with that land which was now occupied mostly by Palestinians.

    Fun fact: A plan was hatched to allocate a portion of Australia instead

  • The combination of clean UI with long promised updates seems like a winning combination. I don’t really play games on my phone. I just want it to go through the basic tasks quickly (photos, voice dictation, app switching etc, I currently have a OnePlus 7 Pro and it has kept up admirably - but being stuck in android 12 with some quirky behaviour is a bit annoying).

    So I guess I’m not looking for a powerhouse - but I do want something that does the basic stuff right - however if it doesn’t bring table stakes (ie if modem or voice quality or other connectivity is subpar) then the rest is not important.