Local matrix support community
git checkout tags/v1.71.0
homeserver updated

Synapse 1.70.1 (2022-10-28) Bugfixes Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.70.0rc1 where the access tokens sent to application services as headers were malformed. Application services which were obtaining access tokens from query parameters were not affected. (#14301) Fix room creation being rate limited too aggressively since Synapse v1.69.0. (#14314)

Local homeserver updated

homeserver updated

group.lt homeserver updated

Upgrading caddy broke the site
upgrading to caddy 2.6 broke the matrix homeserver, some stanzas were not working. rolled back and will investigate later

Sign up to track matrix-org/synapse on GitHub version v1.67.0 - NewReleases.io
Local homeserver updated also found a nice way to use docker-compose with shared_secret_authenticator.py - it was always available in documentatio, duh :)) just add volume in docker-compose: `- ./shared_secret_authenticator.py:/usr/local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/shared_secret_authenticator.py`

matrix-org/synapse on GitHub version v1.65.0
Homeserver version: Synapse 1.65.0


please report any issues!

there is a security vuln - please see the link

group.lt synapse updated to 1.61.0
For changes look here: https://github.com/matrix-org/synapse/releases/tag/v1.61.0

Please comment any problems with https://chat.group.lt/

Today there will be some glitches as I am reclaiming disk space by shrinking rooms, reindexing and vacuuming

Local matrix support community

    Web client for registration and chat is available here: chat.group.lt

    For more convenient use, a suggestion would be to use other clients, the list can be found here. (Use the server in settings you have registered with, if you have used chat.group.lt for registration - default server is group.lt)

    If you have issues with group.lt matrix server post here.

    We have a couple of public rooms - please check them out!

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