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Wrong things at the wrong time

Some readings from the dark side

Great post on fucking with people minds.

Yes! Finally! The things we wanted and waited for! Shut up and take my money.

>"You'd walk into the offices and they were closed or they were turning you away saying 'come back next week maybe, but we don't know'," > There appears to be a financial motivation. Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald reported the attackers had demanded a ransom, which the Vanuatu government refused to pay.

cross-posted from: https://feddit.it/post/96544 > Russia's invasion has changed the world, but perhaps nowhere outside Ukraine has the transformation forged by Moscow’s guns, tanks and missiles been as immediate and far-reaching as along Poland’s border.

Who controls the internet?
A look at diversity of authoritative NS records in gTLDs. I think we need a viable alternative that is not controlled by SPOF.

Digging to find something creative and interesting

when the last user will stop using it

Who knew? Remember - most of the data in most apps is managed so poorly that almost anybody can access it in the org.

IMHO we as humans overvalue ourselves. There is not much not boring and not polluted content by us already. In fact, there is nothing original in the world – everything is remixed. The only difference is that it is generated not by AI, but by NI and all things we perceive as originals now most of the time were considered as a bug or abnormality.

I’d say – we have already polluted the internet – it is time to move on to shit on another meadow. And it will be again destroyed by SEO.

Using most of the time — works, but has some quirks. Very good for some blog sites ;)

Thank you, this was very liberating :)

This is what I was thinking as well regarding the suggestion, not sure if that it is solvable…

The more - the merrier. I hope that it will help polish Linux based software even more.

Hi! Leave your email here - https://hackrsvalv.com . I can help for free as long as there are no hard deadlines

Yeah, it is always nice to hear the author read the book, especially if it is good :)) But what about deep fakes faking author? Will it be banned? Or available only in the underground?

Somehow I doubt it. Money is too good for Meta to pass Europeans

uh… added POST method routing - fixes federation…