I was wondering if urban parks will trigger the same response, since many cities often do not have such forests yet. I also wonder if the reason why "nature helps" is actually more about if the area has less number of people.

Taken from [Tildes' post](

A tweak to quantum mechanics theory could let quantum possibilities increase as space expands. The expansion of space spells trouble for quantum mechanics, by presenting particles with a growing smorgasbord of options for where to be. Andrew Strominger and Jordan Cotler of Harvard University argue that a more relaxed principle called isometry can accommodate an expanding universe while still satisfying the stringent requirements that first made unitary a guiding light.

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Internet and Mental Health?
- [Social media relies on dopamine induction for successful social interactions. Notification mechanism seems to be an important factor.]( - [Higher Instagram usage affects confidence when self-worth is dependent on other's approval.]( Talking about loving yourself here 🤔. - [Psychology of bad news]( Also, a related discussion [here]( - [Why are people so argumentative online?]( - [Psychology of clickbait](

Other findings: * [Does MSG make people thirsty? - Reddit AskCulinary (one paper attached on the top comment)]( * [Does MSG cause headaches?]( * [Basic taste are anything but basic](

I feel very difficult about this topic, since many of LGBT members (at least in my home country) seem to smoke or vape (and by default I as a non-smoker tend to avoid smokers due to second-hand exposure).

Mental Health Benefits of Cleaning and Decluttering
NB: I'll be wary of being too perfectionist with cleaning/tidying up.

Nothing is clear with those damned computers.

Never thought an Instagram post about egg flying on wok would lead me here lol

Two theories provided: * Hygiene hypothesis to explain how allergy goes widespread In industrialized areas, higher cleanliness may induce hypersensitivity to allergens. A study reveals that interactions between parasyte worms, commensal bacteria and immune system could give explanation of how the hypothesis works. * Toxin hypothesis to explain how allergy arises in the first place Allergy is an evolutionary result of combating natural toxins.

Also, water seems to be the only "layman thing" every known organism "needs". Not oxygen, not light.

Perhaps not new for some people, but I had no idea about it until just a few weeks ago, and my mind was blown.

Studies, research findings, and interesting tidbits from the ever-expanding scientific world.

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