My wife really likes the idea ;)

Earth’s inner core has recently stopped spinning, and may now be reversing the direction of its rotation, according to a surprising new study that probed the deepest reaches of our planet with seismic waves from earthquakes.

I've seen similar cartoon :)

This Year’s Most Thought-Provoking Brain Discoveries
Especially liked the research regarding universality of facial expressions.

see also:

> A nuclear fusion reactor has reportedly created more energy than was put into it, for the first time ever.

Trying to find a glitch in universe


Ideas can come from all sorts of places, and inspiration can hit in a flash—think of Archimedes supposedly yelling “Eureka! Eureka!” in the bath when he realized that irregular items could be accurately measured through water displacement. But sometimes, it’s fiction, not reality, that provides the spark of inspiration. There are sci-fi tales, for example, that have gone beyond predicting technological advancements to directly inspiring scientific progress, from robotics to rocketry and everything in between. Here are 11 advancements inspired by works of science fiction to read up on while we wait for teleportation beyond the quantum level. Actually, though, HG Wells does precede Arthur C. Clarke's book that included the global interconnected telephone network. In Men Like Gods (1923), Wells invites readers to a futuristic utopia that's essentially Earth after thousands of years of progress. In this alternate reality, people communicate exclusively with wireless systems that employ a kind of co-mingling of voicemail and email-like properties. See #technology #SciFi #science #inventions #inspiration

What are your favorite science video content creators?
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New mathematical model could help avoid spattering squeezy sauce bottles
Most of us are all too familiar with how, when we come to the end of a squeezy sauce bottle, the smooth flow of liquid can suddenly turn to a messy spatter. But a new mathematical model has shed light onto why this phenomenon occurs and what we could do to stop it.

Researchers at the MIT used a reinforcement learning approach that is decentralized, which means the agents learn to win the games independently, making the system more scalable. The framework could be used by a group of autonomous drones working together to find a lost hiker in a thick forest, or by self-driving cars that strive to keep passengers safe by anticipating future moves of other vehicles driving on a busy highway.

It’s fascinating to me how much we can learn from a telescope.

Link to study:

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