New Kagi search engine, now in closed beta, will enter open beta in two weeks.
Today I was, finally, allowed into the closed beta of [Kagi]( Here is a screenshot of the email that I received from the developer this morning: ![]( Here's a screenshot of the search results for 'lemmy fediverse': ![]( As far as I can tell, there are no ads nor tracking. There is a lot that I do not know since I just started using it a little bit today.

I just bought the latest iPod six months ago. I'm going to hang onto this for a looooooong time. I bet in twenty years I could sell it for a fortune.

[Image description: a close-up of a robotic bee standing on a plant, with a blurry green background. End image description.] (sauce: [Bee robotic: Walmart files patents on automating agriculture](

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We’re a collective of individuals upset with the way social media has been traditionally governed. A severe lack of moderation has led to major platforms like Facebook to turn into political machinery focused on disinformation campaigns as a way to make profit off of users. Websites with ineffective moderation allow hate speech to proliferate and contribute to the erosion of minority rights and safe spaces. Our goal with Beehaw is to demonstrate and promote a healthier environment.

At the time being we are not planning on having any profits. 100% of the costs will go towards server time, licensing costs, and artwork. In the future if we need to hire developers or other labor, it would be sourced through the Open Collective Foundation, and it would be transparent to the community before any changes were made.

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