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  • For some reason I can’t put down Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire. I’m playing it on my handheld emulator so it’s very easy to just pick up and play a round when i have some spare moments. Pinball has never been my favorite genre, but the loop of actually catching Pokemon across sessions has been weirdly compelling. Idk if all pinball tables are this way, but most of the time when I lose a ball, it feels like I did nothing wrong and the game just decided to bounce off a pixel the wrong way and shoot into the out lane. I will probably put it down when I get the retro achievement for catching 100 Pokemon, because I seem to be getting worse the more I play. lol

    Also finally playing Jedi: Fallen Order whenever I have more than just a few moments to game. I’m a big Star Wars head (in the non-toxic way 😅), so I will go in and out of phases where a Jedi video game sounds super compelling. It finally hit me, and man is this game fun when you’re just playing and mowing down Stormtroopers. My only gripe is that the game still feels buggy and hitchy, even 5 years since it came out. I don’t mind it most of the time, except the game is quite fond of in-engine cutscenes. and when these happen, I want to shut my brain off and enjoy the story like a Star Wars show. But little tiny bugs and glitches (jittery cloth effects, characters facing the wrong way) keep taking me out of it. I definitely feel like i’m committed to seeing it through, though.