MADRID, June 20 (Reuters) - Marine biologists have moved a pair of beluga whales from the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv - the target of daily shelling by Russian forces - to the eastern Spanish city of Valencia, in what they described as a long and risky international rescue operation.

The animals, 15-year-old male Plombir and 14-year-old female Miranda, arrived at Valencia’s famed Oceanografic complex late on Monday in a fragile state of health, according to a statement by the Spanish oceanarium.

    28 days ago

    As much as I think these animals should not be held in captivity, seeing Beluga whales in Valencia years ago left a deep impression on me.

    They have a large underwater window where you can try to interact with them if it isn’t too crowded. Maybe I was more impressionable back then, but these animals are incredibly smart, almost an alien experience.