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First I would configure some zram then (ram compression). And then I would upgrade my PC to have more RAM :p

Just disable swap? It works perfectly fine without it if you have more than 8GB RAM or so.

See also: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/nov/24/green-technology-precision-fermentation-farming

The entire video is so laughably uninformed and misleading (and “geopolitics” is a 19th century pseudo-science of questionable origin and with little actual facts backing it up), that I don’t even know where to begin criticising it ;)

The Single Board Computer Database, a comparison website for SBCs and SOMs (formerly known as Board-DB), has relaunched!
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/604086 > > Thanks to [@MartijnBraam](https://lemmy.ml/u/MartijnBraam): https://blog.brixit.nl/finding-an-sbc/

Open-source what exactly? If you mean hardware then no. Doesn’t exist.

For Software down to the firmware/bios level the old Thinkpads with Coreboot are AFAIK still the most open.

I have one of these (With ISO keyboard). They are a bit under-powered to be honest and the USB-C display output doesn’t always work (I think it needs some custom kernel patches or so). It’s also not upgradeable.

Its the opposite. What he is talking about is images based OS, like Ubuntu Touch is doing it, also the Steam Deck and stuff like CoreOS. I think Android and ChromeOS are also doing that. Its not a bad idea in general.

Click on one of the GO links, it will bring you to the video I want to share.

And similar to thin clients you can get old Laptops usually quite cheaply. Power-consumption is also not bad usually, even for old i7 ones. 12V car laptop chargers are also easy to get to run laptops off solar batteries.

The only real disadvantage is the lack of extension ports especially for storage. A USB3 hub with SATA adapters can work but it’s not as good as real SATA ports.

Yes, that is the best way to link to invidious instances as you have a randomly sorted list of direct links to the video. Otherwise you always end up with dead links and/or a few overloaded invideous proxies.

c2FmZQ: e2ee mobile photo and file upload
It's an alternative open-source backend to the https://stingle.org/ app.

Ugh, long read. It raises some good points, but IMHO only lightly touches the elephant in the room, that populists form a sort of para-social relationship with their potential voters filling a void that was left by the break-down of local (not always explicitly political) social venues (associations, clubs, unions, churches etc.).

These sort of local structures are the submerged part of the metaphorical ice-berg while the actual political parties and their tiny membership are really only the visible tip of it. Political analysts and political parties usually don’t like to reflect on that point as it illustrates (similar to the high percentage of non-voters) what little real influence “politics” has on everyday life.

I don’t think we will be able to resurrect such local organizations (corporate social media and the Covid-19 pandemic has been a sort of double whammy on them, when they were already weak due to decades of neo-liberal policies and education), but we need to find ways to create similar, maybe online, communities that can give people a sense of belonging and a venue for political exchange.

Since no one else wants to comment… I think mutual aid fire brigades are possible. In fact volunteer fire brigades are common around the world and I have been a volunteer emergency responder for many years.

The problem is mainly that such things can’t be organized very well ad-hoc when disaster strikes and also that not very many employers are supportive of it (but in some countries there are laws forcing employers to allow such volunteering).

For a Solarpunk society to work, the possibility of such kind of volunteering is essential and steps need to be taken to avoid this kind of learned helplessness expressed in the above images.

![](https://slrpnk.net/pictrs/image/a3b9dd0f-3e53-4870-b116-40b83331dfd6.jpeg) ![](https://slrpnk.net/pictrs/image/cca8f35b-74d8-4467-b770-e5793647b12d.jpeg) ![](https://slrpnk.net/pictrs/image/b6d1588f-c550-49cc-8a81-ced9744d97aa.jpeg) ![](https://slrpnk.net/pictrs/image/90a6e4c4-c39d-44a9-8a37-cf3c2b469dbe.jpeg) (Found on Anokchan) Discuss :)

There are often good hour long mixes of genres I like on Youtube that have the names of the individual songs in the description.

That’s kind of the same take as in the movies The Thirteenth Floor, Existenz and Inception, no?

Hmm, not sure how much can be done with these. Most ML stuff you can self-host requires CUDA or OpenCL, i.e. a GPU.

I am planning to setup a Libre-Translate instance on an old CUDA enabled gaming laptop turned server soon:


Cool would be an auto-translate button on Lemmy posts with Libre-translate API support like it exists for Discourse forums.

Actually, they promote it as a “simplistic OIDC provider”, but it is also a really awesome OpenLDAP web-management interface including delegating user & group management, password self-service and user invites.

I think this piece vastly underestimates the necessary changes in the next few decades, but still… food for thought.

Yes pretty much. That seems to the the intended use-case, but I think it could also be used locally to distribute/replicate storage on multiple servers easily.

Of course the “friend” could be also a VPS rented somewhere as an off-site backup.

Yeah and it would actually work with Lemmy, since pict-rs has a S3 interface. They even list Lemmy as a possible but untested app on their documentation.

I think I will try using Garage for this server once we move it.