I’d like to try Matrix, but I still don’t know of a good client. I don’t want Electron on my computer, so the official client is out of the question. I tried nheko, but I didn’t like it (though I can install it again if it turns out that there is no better option).

So, can anyone here recommend me a Matrix client? Either terminal-based or GUI, both are fine.

  • spaphy@lemmy.ml
    2 years ago

    Hey just fyi, I did a lot of work with matrix for like two seasons from server setup, daily use, etc and just keep in mind the product still feels WIP at times.

    Edit: element is great! Sorry - Many clients also mentioned already in comments. I just wanted to contribute this because I think while there are many good clients, the client itself wasn’t much of a problem so much as the servers I encountered and federation at times. Definitely pick a good server.