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Another solution can be use Aurora Store, you download always from google play store but using anon account create from Aurora so the request dont come from your account, but sometimes can appen that you have package in conflict but it’s rare.

So a simple solution will be not use Vodafone services. Also, start to use I2P , phone number not registed on your name, buy a phone in cash and Degoogle it if you want android. Of course this don’t make no one untraceable just make you less identifiable.

I think also this is the best alternative i switch to this few months ago but also searchEncrypt don’t look bad. I advise to everyone always to do your own research

Thank you guys i read all your comments, im gonna install the os on my laptop that i use for develop no gaming :). So i think im trying few of them before decide which fit better for me. Thanks again

Im telling you, you convince me just with the fact of the calculator, but the option to personalize the UI it’s amaizing!! Thank you :D

Fedora for replace Windows?
Hi everyone, i want to move from Windows to Fedora. I'm a noobie of linux, i want a OS that don't spy me but with softwares for daily base use and for delevop apllication. Someone can advise me if is the right choice or give another option? Sorry for my english :')