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  • I make plymouth do the verbose mode because it’s cool and hacker-y. Also I like when it says “failed” and I know what failed. For a few weeks I kept having to manually start firewalld and I never would have known otherwise, update seems to have fixed that though.

    Tbf, I really only have experience with fedora and thus systemd, so, I like it but I “don’t know what I’m missing” in a sense.

  • Arcaneslime@lemmy.mltoMemes@lemmy.mlwhat if?
    1 year ago

    You want sewage? You sign up for sewage. Everybody who does, has a week assigned where they must do the necessary maintainance for that utility.

    So I’m supposed to learn everything about sewer maintinence before this week, or are we throwing untrained people at critical infrastructure simply because they want to use it? And what then if I also want food, transportation, a computer, cat food, smokeables, drinkables, shelter, etc? Do I have to become an expert in all of those things too and work in those to get food, shelter, etc? Have to churn butter for a week if I want access to the butter store, and make bread for a week to get access to the bread lines, then I can make toast?

    Personally I’d prefer if there was some way to make what I make or do what I do, exchange those items or services for some thing with an agreed upon value, which I can in turn take to the store and trade for bread and butter.

  • I actually am interested partly because of their history, the creator is of the same religion as I am and his creation was announced in like '94 on the old Hour Of Slack radio show affiliated with said religion. In fact, Slackware is a direct nod to our concept of Slack, and there’s even pics of our guru J. R. “Bob” Dobbs on the slackware site in the banners section. I know it isn’t dead because 15 came out earlier this year (or was it late last year?) so they must be active and not dead, just hard to find lol.

    Thanks for the advice, I’ll maybe try it on an old asus I use mainly for booting tails on soon. That’s the only device I have with windows for emergencies and nothing I have is powerful enough to run VMs I don’t think, but tbh that windows install barely works and I haven’t needed it in two years, so “fuck it,” right?

  • How hard is it? I really want to try Slackware one day but I’m not the most adept at linux yet. Really only have experience with Fedora, Tails, Puppy, and antix so far.

    Hard to find people to ask about it, as you said because of the smaller userbase. I did look yesterday though and there are some youtube videos on slackware 15 set up, so I may be ok with those. Still kinda nervous lol.

  • Great post, saved for future use. I’d say myself that while Fedora may not be aimed at beginners, it is pretty good for beginners nonetheless. It’s what I started on (after dipping my toes in Tails, which also has it’s use cases but more importantly here demystified linux for me and made me comfortable with it. Then windows pissed me off one last time and the rest is history.)

    The fedora community in my experience has been very helpful, though that was reddit, so we shall see what the future holds.

  • My masto admin still is free to ban people he doesn’t like from his server of course, he just would rather we be able to curate our own feeds, and I’m sure curates his own just the same as we do. He didn’t abdicate the throne I suppose by the nature of being the server owner, and our server is private (exclusive to those in a particular club,) I guess he’s just a benevolent dictator. Still though, I like his approach.

  • Yes, just venting my personal grievances with the reacionary culture of the fedi at large. I think the fediverse would be perfect if most of the moderation (regarding cultivating your feed and blocking instances, communities, and users) was placed on the individual, barring outright illegal content like CP, revenge porn, or beastiality which should of course be nuked from orbit and are all actually illegal.

    I’d like to see the culture go not from dictator (reddit) to smaller dictators (lemmy), but from dictator (reddit) to anarchism (lemmy, but with more community decision making for themselves as an individual rather than The Council of Beehaw and The Council of Lemmy.world deciding all their peasants are at war with each other.)

  • XMPP (with omemeo) is the classic (and also what FB messenger uses behind the scenes, without omemo), Matrix is the new kid on the block taking over. Both are decentralized sorta like the fediverse (but separate from said fediverse.)

    Used to use Signal, but they’re removing SMS support so everyone might as well switch to matrix. Wickr was bought by amazon (and they say they won’t ruin it, riiiight), so that’s out. Idk enough about briar or session, and telegram isn’t as secure as people seem to think.

  • That’s the part that gets me. Like, I’m all for “it’s your server do what you want,” but I do judge you if your reason for defederating my server is something so stupid as “this other server says they’re bad, so I’ll trust that.”

    You fools ain’t never had a friend spread a runor about another friend? Never watched a sitcom? People lie lol, if you’re going to make overarching decisions that affect your users too, you could maybe stand to do a modicum of your own research into it instead of just letting the one you “trust” bully you into compliance simply because this other masto instance doesn’t cater specifically to marxists, and “capitalists are nazis” so they must be banned or else they’ll speak!

    My masto server is defederated for being anti trans, yet one of our organizations key members has been a trans woman since 1981 and she’s one of the most prolific posters on the server (and one of the best, I might add). We’re labeled “anti trans” simply because we didn’t defederate with a server that is actually anti trans when the “good guys” tried to bully my admin into it, but the admin respects us enough to allow us to make our own decisions regarding what we want to see or not see on our feed, so of course that suggests to these reactionaries that he wants to somehow exterminate the jewish people.

    I’d be more open to it frankly if I wasn’t a direct example of how that system can be and is being abused to create echo chambers and bully those who don’t want to live in them. By all means, your server your right to do so, but my right to think you’re a bad person for it if it’s for silly unresearched reasons such as this. And you might say “they don’t have the time to investigate everything, so they just throw the book at it.” Well, they chose to become admins, they chose that job, maybe managing a public server just isn’t for them, I know I don’t have the time, that’s why I don’t do it.

  • Arcaneslime@lemmy.mltoMemes@lemmy.mlI hereby name thee Chaosbringer
    1 year ago

    Not contributing to the debate necessarily, I’d just like to take a moment to say:

    Tbf, if you don’t like “Those openly avocating violence and cruelty towards others who are being neither violent or cruel,” then you’ll want to be on an instance that defederates lemmygrad and lemmy.ml. Before the reddit exodus this place was almost entirely genocide denialiasts who support Cuba, China, Russia (incl. the current invasion and simping for the USSR), and who want to literally murder all small business owners and landlords even if they only rent out their spare room or an old townhouse from before they got married for some extra income to help pay for meds in retirement, but no matter, “bourgeoisie.”

    The only reason they aren’t so prominent today is the flood drowned them out a bit, they’re still very much here, and they’re no better than the Nazis, and the kicker is they both think they’re the good guys lol.

    Edit: Hehe downvotes mean nothing here, but I can see I upset a few of those genocide denialists and that makes me happy.