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Not off the top of my head, I’d search “izzyondroid fdroid repo” to find it myself lol.

He’s also wrong. In many “civilized” (which btw every time I say that I feel icky, it feels racist) countries most burglaries are “hot” burglaries, in which the burgaler breaks in while the person is home. This of course carries with it a greater risk of violence as opposed to America where for “some reason” most of our burglaries are when the person is not home. There are also around, and I am going to use the LOWEST estimate from the harvard study that is used to “debunk” defensive gun use, 100,000 defensive gun uses in the country yearly. Compared to 60k gun deaths, 12k of those being homicide, 100k>60k>12k.

It’s on mine. Maybe in izzy’s repo? I have a few enabled.

Want to switch to linux
Need reccomendations for distro. Old laptop from like '10 (shipped with windows 8, not even 8.1), touchscreen needed so no Mint unfortunately. No linux experience whatsoever beyond using tails and I know what the terminal is but have NO clue how to use it. Need a daily driver for light tasks (just gimp, handbrake, internet, qbittorrent, and libreoffice type stuff, no games), would prefer security and privacy, but idk if Whonix can run on my old machine and with my nonexistent linux exp idk if it is a good one for me yet, may need exp with something else first? Idk, y'all tell me! Was reccomended Fedora, has touch support and supposedly good for the light tasks and will run in my old laptop, but figured I'd ask what y'all think because you guys seem knowledgeable. It is my only computer besides my phone so I can't afford the time to fuck around lol.