Hi friends,

I’m new to Lemmy but I think I like where it is heading in general. I would like to ask, do you have any specific apps used for ?

As a community that seems more focused on decentralized platforms, I thought this could spike up an interesting discussion

I have been using mainly Viber and FB messenger. I did try to convince friends and family to move over to simpleXchat, as it seems the most privacy focused alternative I have found, but basically failed.

I would love to hear your input!

  • Arcaneslime@lemmy.ml
    1 year ago

    XMPP (with omemeo) is the classic (and also what FB messenger uses behind the scenes, without omemo), Matrix is the new kid on the block taking over. Both are decentralized sorta like the fediverse (but separate from said fediverse.)

    Used to use Signal, but they’re removing SMS support so everyone might as well switch to matrix. Wickr was bought by amazon (and they say they won’t ruin it, riiiight), so that’s out. Idk enough about briar or session, and telegram isn’t as secure as people seem to think.