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  • I disagree.

    1. The “far left” want to end capitalism, the far right want to increase the power of those who already hold power in the capitalist system. This is not the same.

    2. You provided two center right examples. If you want a center left example, does the “far left” hate Bernie more than literal fascists? I doubt you’ll find a majority saying so.

    3. I can’t speak to this one. I don’t like Putin or Assad, and I dont know much about Maduro, but I thought he was from somewhere in South America. How can that be “anti-western?”

    4. I dont recall a meeting where Russell Brand was dubbed the spokesperson for any left party, let alone “the far left” as a whole. Have you ever tried speaking to someone who is “far left?” What exactly do you think makes someone “far left?” Even better, how do we all get generalized into being grouped with some dude I forgot existed until you name dropped him?

    5. Maybe there exists some “unhinged hostility” against Israel on the left. I haven’t seen a hint of it, but I won’t make a strong claim. I will say that when I talk about genocide and apartheid, those things are bad, mmkay?

    6. I’m not sure the average far right person could honestly define globalization, they use the term as a racist or anti-semitic dog whistle. I also think the average “far left” person doesn’t dislike the idea of the people of the world getting together (does the phrase “workers of the world unite” ring any bells?) the issue we have is with the way its been handled, which is to exploit as many workers as possible, as obscenely as possible, for the enrichment of a lucky few.

    Respectfully, I don’t think you have a single strong point, let alone “many, many more.”

  • I don’t care, I’m not trying to make that point.

    The point I’m trying to make is I live in a country that has no leg to stand on when it comes to pointing fingers. A country that made blood sacrifices of over a million people so that a few uber wealthy shit sandwiches could be more wealthy and powerful. I’m not worried about what’s going on in China because I’m suffering under an authoritarian regime on this side of the Pacific.

    Maybe if people who constantly whine about China would help me change things here, I would have the ability to change things there.

  • That is a REALLY good point, it looks to me like a lot of the most popular and/or sophisticated far right propaganda outlets also function as cash grabs.

    But to your original question, yes, I recognize DonutOperator as propaganda. He has platformed extremist right wing politicians in the past, and the main function of his platform is to normalize police violence. (Edit: I forgot that his platform has grown. The main function of the YouTube channel under that name is to normalize police violence, a lot of what seems to have grown around that is the cash grab stuff)

  • no, i mean this here is what they say about you, they talk about left ideas like it’s dangerous communism/dictature with all the negative consequences.

    Yes I know, this is why we must leave them behind.

    They say that they have to be extreme to counterbalance the other extreme.

    I’m not saying this is never said, but I will say that I have never heard this and I pay a decent amount of attention. What they usually say is some variation on a lie or conspiracy theory.

    Nobody ever listen to each other because everyone keeps going more extreme. Rather than trying to find a common ground.

    I listen to both their leaders and their voters. The leaders are whom I’m attempting to tell people to walk away from because they spew unhinged garbage designed to distract the majority of their voters from the fact that it is the very people they vote for making their lives worse. No, I can’t find common ground with people willing to grind up humanity for the profit of a handful of wealthy, powerful monsters. And the entire point of the video is to encourage you to stop trying to find common ground with them because that’s a bad idea that has only lead to suffering and mass death, and will continue to lead to suffering and mass death. We need not allow barbarism a seat at the table.

  • Yes, that is what the video says. Generally the liberals, or “moderate” right, insist that we HAVE to listen to the extremist right. This has gotten us stuck in a quagmire, and kept us from solving problems and indeed backsliding, for decades. The extremist right generally has some vapid falsehood or outright insane conspiracy theory to peddle, and entertains and distracts it’s voters.

    I believe the narrator is trying to get “moderate” voters to take a teensy, tiny step to the left; away from their comfortable friends, the literal fascists; and ignore them a little more in favor of facing reality and solving problems.