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  • Which they could also report on. The fact they’re removing a standard metric they’ve relied on, rather than relegate it, shows they have fear this metric is going to be detrimental to publish. You can fairly safely assume it’s going to go down. It’s no longer sexy, tik tok is killing it, and most that would be on it, are, and are discovering it’s not greatly beneficial to them and spending less time on it. It is the start of the decline. How long and how fast is the thing we do not know.

  • A few lyrics from NoFX come to mind.

    “Kick back, watch it crumble See the drowning Watch the fall I feel just terrible about it That’s sarcasm, let it burn”

    "Where did all their money go?

    Don’t we all know? Parasitic [gaming] industry As it destroys itself We’ll show them how it’s supposed to be"

    "Dinosaurs will slowly die And I do believe no one will cry I’m just fucking glad I’m gonna be There to watch the fall

    Pre-Historic [gaming] industry Three feet in La Brea tar Extinction never felt so good"

    Switch a few words and it works perfectly well.

    Gamers need to realise it’s all about the indies. Buy indie, screw AAA. Watch them grow and hire those talented folk that deserve better than this bullshit.