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  • Had that happen at work. I just drag-and-dropped a file into the Outlook web-UI, thinking it’d attach as an e-mail. Turns out, they recently changed that feature and you now have to drop into the right half of the area. If you drop into the left half, it uploads into OneDrive.

    I accidentally did that. The document had personal data inside. That’s a breach of GDPR. Fucking ace.

    (I’m not sure that attaching to the e-mail isn’t also a breach of the GDPR, since my company switched Microsoft 365 for various things. But yeah, I certainly would have liked a confirmation dialog.)

  • Well, what I meant with that, is that it’s semantically important that it’s ng of the substance per kg bodyweight.

    If it was ng of the substance per kg of the substance, then in proper mathematical physics, the unit would disappear completely.

    So, for example:
    42000000000 ng of the substance / kg of the substance

    Is equivalent to:
    42000000000 * 0.000000001 * kg of the substance / kg of the substance

    Which means in the end, you just have: 42

    As my physics teacher would often say: Is that 42 potatoes or sausages or what is it?
    A number without a unit is just devoid of meaning…

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    I see you’re also from Germany, so I understand your roommate not knowing this is an option, but bidets are cheaper and do a better job cleaning.

    Like, I bought a dumb travel bidet a while ago and even that’s a solid upgrade from scrubbing with toilet paper.