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  • I have the same experience. I wrote a simple program with SDL2 to test a software renderer. All it does is create a window then go into an event loop and after each iteration it streams a framebuffer to a texture that gets displayed in the window. In the default mode (X11) my frame timings fluctuate a lot and for a while I tried to massage the code to get it stable because I was convinced that it was just my draw code. Then I eventually forced SDL2 to use Wayland and not only did the draw time per frame go down by 2ms but the fluctuations went away completely.

  • Firefox does sandbox everything but vulnerabilities exist and sometimes go unnoticed for a while before they’re discovered and patched. If a malicious script does manage to escape the sandbox it will be able to do literally anything to the system since it has root privileges. It would have full access to any device that’s in /dev, it could create, modify and delete udev or iptables rules, it could mess with the BIOS since the kernel exposes EFI variables, if the mainboard has re-writable flash chips for the firmware it could write malicious code to them since they may show up in /dev, etc. If any of this makes you uneasy then you probably should stop running stuff as root in general except for when you really need to.

    Also in general you don’t want to run any graphical applications on a Server unless there is a very specific reason for it because it takes up extra resources and therefore makes the machine use more power overall. This is especially bad when the machine in question has no hardware acceleration and renders everything in software. Remote desktop also adds CPU/GPU load and takes up a good bit of I/O and network bandwidth which is not ideal for a NAS server.

  • Anyone that thinks X11 is still superior probably runs on a laptop with a single screen.

    It really does seem that way. I’ve dealt with many different multi-monitor setups on X11 and only ever had problems. For example, I have an AMD based setup with 3 monitors, 2 are average 1080p60 displays and the third has a higher refresh rate. On X11 this setup always has either screen tearing/flickering, unusually high CPU usage by the compositor or the refresh rate seems noticeably off and hot-plugging additional monitors makes things behave weird or even crash, especially when unplugging monitors. On setups with multiple monitors across multiple GPUs it’s the same but worse. On Wayland it all just works without any problems, no matter the setup. Hot-plugging monitors on Wayland is very seamless. Even X11 software runs better for me on Wayland.

  • I remember this. I refunded the game ASAP. For the longest time they’ve neglected the Linux client to the point where it was just broken and crashed often and you couldn’t even play with Windows players because the Linux client was so far behind. And of course the Windows version ran just fine on Linux via Proton. Yet they seemed surprised and annoyed whenever Linux players pointed this out. That’s where I lost all my respect for them as a developer. I would refund Gary’s Mod too if I could.

  • I don’t understand how so many people use that centralized, proprietary piece of big tech spyware for like almost everything. There are so many interesting communities out there that exclusively exist on Discord. I hate how some software projects and games use only Discord to post updates, news, patchnotes, documentation and even download links. And they expect people to just “join our Discord” for suggestions, bug reports and troubleshooting. I don’t have a Discord account and I don’t plan on making one, ever. There is so much useful and interesting information currently out there that people are never going to get to see simply because it’s all scattered in random chat rooms on random Discord servers. And if any of those chat rooms, Discord servers or even Discord itself gets shut down all of that information will inevitably become lost media.