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the domain name and email seems to be the easiest way to be found out like that, I’ve seen many projects go down just because of a domain name

Github alternative ?
what is the best alternative to github ? my main requirements are that 1. it should be free, and 2. it should not go down or get discontinued anytime soon

yeah I got it, I asked a friend to translate the captcha and created the account, thanks tho (on a sidenote, I use Firefox and have the translate extension)

you can also use IRC to download books

Am I overthinking it?

imo, yes.

you should just start uploading to whichever ones you have access to, and are popular enough that people would download your content.

how do I use I2P ? I could never figure out how it works and it was so slow the last time I tried that I just gave up :(, I want to try it again

interesting! I’d never heard of this, does it require an account to download ?